Weekend Today show fans fuming over change in entertainment correspondents

Viewers declare "Dumb decision Today Show!" after US entertainment correspondent is let go after 4 years.

2013-09-10_0010Weekend Today show fans are bombarding the show’s official Facebook page after entertainment reporter Michele Mahone ended on the weekend.

US-born Mahone, whose Kentucky signature “Howdy, yall!” has punctuated her entertainment reports, has filed from Los Angeles since joining in February 2009, including filling in for Richard Reid.

On Facebook she said, “After four amazing years, my time at the Weekend Today Show has come to an end. I can’t begin to put into words how much this experience has meant to me. Being welcomed into your homes has been an honor and privilege and I will always be grateful. Thank you for having me. I will miss you, Mates xox”

She confirmed the decision was not her choice and that the show was looking to move in another direction.

But there are also suggestions she was advised of the change via email.

On the Today show Facebook page, fans have vented:

Best wishes for the future Michelle, you were a lot of fun to watch xx Ch 9s loss & someone else gain xx

Hypocrites!!! Why did you sack the best thing to happen on your show…Michele is funny, intelligent, and a delight to watch, and made getting up on the weekends to watch your show so enjoyable.

Big mistake Today Show BIG MISTAKE!! Good luck Michelle!

She was sacked via email? Nicely done Today, you dropkicks! No class at all. Michelle was a breath of fresh air on weekend Today unlike Cam and Leila who are as stiff as candy!!

Today – you should be ashamed of yourself for axing her.Your loss. She was great at her job. You will regret it down the track.

Why let her go then ? Dumb decision Today Show!

Go straight to HELL Today. Michele Mahone was the BEST thing about your programme! You’ve just gone and lost yourselves thousand and thousands of viewers!

Breath of fresh air…. Just love that American draaaawlly accent … Best wishes in your future pursuits

NOT HAPPY JAN!!! Bring her back!

Not many reasons for me to watch channel 9 now will miss your querky ways & that accent loved the crosses to you, God help them if Lisa leaves.

I agree with majority here not happy with Today’s decision Michelle is very well liked! Good luck Michelle see you wherever you pop up next xx

She was a wonderful asset to Today….. You lost a lot of viewers due to ‘letting her go!’. Shame to the Today show…..

Oh….by the way….I will now be watching SUNRISE…..TREAT PEOPLE WITH RESPECT!

CEO of 9,Bring back Michele Mahone please.

Very disappointed in the today show

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  1. This is a shame, I know that it is the nature of the business but I really enjoyed her. She was a nice change of pace giving us a bit of celebrity goss and making fun of some of their antics without being callous. I am sure she was only out here a few months ago also. Michelle was the main reason I tuned in as I find Cameron a bit full of himself, so usually flick back and forth when he is on.

    Maybe someone at Ten could pick her up for one of their new shows. I am sure this isn’t her only gig but it still a shame to loose one.

  2. So because she is from Kentucky and has an accent she shouldn’t work on TV?


    People who have spent time with Michele, like myself, with a brunch in Newcastle with KOFM (who she works for as well) will tell you she is an absolute sweetheart, funny and warm and genuine.

  3. How ridiculous. I always taped the show and fast forwarded over her segments. I couldn’t stand her grating, strident voice and accent. She reminded me of that awful Jeanette Moos (what an appropriate name!) who files dreadful reports from the US for Seven.

  4. Yeah, I was surprised when I read her Tweet on Sunday saying goodbye and someone asked if it was her decision and she Tweeted back no. I will miss her, always found her funny and entertaining. But is Today to blame or some higher up execs at 9?

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