ABC seeking Fresh Blood in comedy

ABC is looking for the next generation of comedy talent and they've made a cheeky Game of Thrones parody to grab your interest.

2013-10-30_1650ABC TV is looking for the next generation of Australian comedy talent, by partnering with Screen Australia for an iview initiative.

And they’ve made a cheeky Game of Thrones parody to grab your interest.

‘Fresh Blood’ will offer 20 short form commissions are on offer with budgets of $10,000 each.

Some of the most promising creators will be offered an internship in ABC TV’s Entertainment department and Screen Australia will also be running workshops for some of the successful candidates.

Jennifer Collins Head of ABC TV Entertainment says. “Fresh Blood opens the door to the next generation of comedy producers and performers. ABC is well known as a nurturing ground for emerging talent and we are now continuing that tradition online”.

Arul Baskaran ABC’s Multi Platform Controller added, “We’re thrilled to announce Fresh Blood on ABC iview as our first digital commission. This is an exciting step forward, and positions iview as a creative platform for innovative content – in this case the best new comedy talent in Australia”.

Applications are open at www.abc.net.au/freshblood

The closing date is Friday 20th December, 2013.

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  1. They say good comedy is all about the timing, if this is true, could ” Fresh Blood” aiming to open the door to ” Young Bloods” be doomed before it starts?

    Thanks to Catalyst’s latest 2 episodes all about ” Blood ” and the turmoil staring up about and around these topics and which is best ” Old or Fresh Blood Ideas”

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