Airdate: A Different Breed

2dbrUh oh. The folk who made Pineapple Dance Studio have now turned their attention to dog shows.

From the makers of the fabulous Pineapple Dance Studios and Louie Spence’s Showbusiness comes a fresh, quirky and hilarious show which turns the documentary genre on its head. A Different Breed is set in the canine world of grooming salons, dog creches and vets, following the eccentric people who work there and the bizarre dog owners who treat their pets better than their children. The dog-obsessed owners are fascinating on their own, but the real stars of the show are the pets themselves. Using comedy scripted voice-overs the show occasionally skips out of reality to imagine, if these dogs could talk, what would they say? From the gay security dog to the mentally deficient Pit Bull, each dog has its own special personality that reflects its breed and its owner.

In episode one, we are introduced to various characters including Jacob and Julian, the owners of Purple Bone – a couple in love and in business who run a dog grooming boutique in Notting Hill; Simon Gardner, a professional dog walker who likes to philosophise on all things dog related and non-dog related; Jo Good and Anna Webb, radio broadcasters who revolve their work and hectic social lives around their treasured pets and we follow Richard Curtis as he enters his dog Disco into a doggie dancing competition.

8:30pm Friday, 25 October ABC2.

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