Airdate: Have You Been Paying Attention?

2013-10-25_0145A curious amendment from TEN came through this week for a new show called Have You Been Paying Attention? which premieres 7pm Sunday November 3rd.

This is the new panel show from Working Dog first tipped in September. The format sees panellists competing to see who can remember the most news events from across the week.

Tom Gleisner is set to host and teasers are already running on TEN. It will be preceded by David Attenborough’s Natural

It’s a bit of an odd time of year to be launching a new show, but Working Dog are always worth checking out.

Meanwhile they have  Santo, Sam & Ed’s Total Football on FOX Sports and scripted series Utopia in development.



  1. oh nooo..not Tom Gleisner…surely there’s someone else…how about least he has personality and vibrance…7pm is too early to be put to sleep

  2. Aussie_Austridge

    Summer replacement. A bit like Working Dog’s late, unlamented Christmas Day editions of The Panel in the Noughties. Like it or not, Rove usurped Working Dog’s gig with The Project, and Working Dog is now a bunch of has-beens trading on the nostalgia of The Late Show, The Castle and Frontline.

  3. Of course, we should note that Total Football with Santo, Sam and Ed is on Fox Sports, not Fox Footy.

    Always willing to give Working Dog formats a go, but like others here I think the panel show format is a dated concept. The work around lately for such shows has been second screen or social media interactions.

    I’d love to see a quality studio sitcom produced anywhere!

  4. sounds great. Hope this can be the start of another successful period for both WD & TEN. meanwhile, have WD take over TWL (if its renewed that is)

  5. Ten needs to stop it with these panel shows there’s a bit too many of them around ten, hence just finishing with This Week Live, they need to come out with better ideas remember they should be going uphill not downhill. How about a new Australian drama series.

  6. I’ve been wondering about that Have You Been Paying Attention? ad. I thought it was for some kind of quiz show. But it sounds like a very interesting show. I’ll definitely catch it.

  7. I will give it a go as Tom Gleisner was awesome on The Panel and Thank God You’re Here. I take it the Simpsons is now out on Sunday’s which I will miss as Ten have been replaying the 24th season (which unless I’m mistaken What Animated Women Want still hasn’t aired yet on Ten or ELEVEN).

  8. Secret Squirrel

    Love Working Dog and I could handle a decent panel show with the right guests; ie not the same ones who are on Ten’s other panel shows (forget their names). However, that is not the right timeslot and I’m done rewarding networks for stupid programming decisions. My ratings box and I will be watching something else.

  9. Sounds very much like the Glenn Robbins hosted Out of the Question. Willing to give it a try, but have a feeling it will get smashed by DWTS. I do congratulate Ten for taking some risks.

    When I saw the promos I thought this was going to be a 6pm weeknight show. The network really needs to fix that slot – The Simpsons is far too niche.

  10. What is wrong with TEN programmers? The people liable to watch this show, will be the same people watching the 7:00 news on ABC. “Have I Got News For You” ….. Aussie style will die a death in this timeslot.

  11. Fantastic to see Working Dog back on Ten. But air date and time appears a bit strange. Sounds like a trial to me. Look forward to seeing this one!!!!

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