Airdate: Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve

2013-10-20_1307Simon Reeve (the documentary Reeve, that is) has a new series on SBS next month, this time looking at religion.

The three part series Pilgrimage With Simon Reeve begins with “Pilgrimage To Canterbury.”

Simon Reeve sets off to explore pilgrimage as it lives and breathes. A lapsed Methodist, he has a genuine interest in finding out whether it can offer him life-changing enlightenment. For centuries pilgrims flocked to Jerusalem – it was the greatest journey on earth. But there was also a hidden side to pilgrimage – adventure, sex, danger and fun – a medieval package holiday. And for others it was the summit of a religious life, a pious journey, a divine experience. Simon sets out to discover if pilgrimage can offer – in a modern world – life-changing enlightenment. In the first leg of his journey, Reeve retraces the pilgrimages undertaken by his British ancestors, making the voyage from northern England to Canterbury.

8:30 pm Saturday November 3rd SBS ONE.

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  1. Since modern-day Christians (for the most part) have no sense of pilgrimage; I hope there is a second series that documents Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu pilgrimage.

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