Airdate: Secret State

2013-10-08_0112Next month UKTV will screen the 4 part political thriller Secret State starring Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment, Vikings), Charles Dance (The Jewel in the Crown, Game of Thrones), Gina McKee (Notting Hill), and Rupert Graves (Death at a Funeral, Sherlock).

This aired on Channel 4 in the UK last November.

A devastating industrial accident on Teesside leaves several people dead and raises awkward questions about the safety procedures of the US petrochemical company involved. As a man who has a profound belief in transparency and open government, Tom Dawkins (Gabriel Byrne) will have to tackle vested interests, financial and military, both domestic and international, in his pursuit to uncover the truth and get justice for the families affected by the disaster.

Saturdays at 8:30pm from November 23.

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  1. Love Gabriel Byrne so will be watching this for sure.
    So nice for the UK channel to have some new drama for a change, it has become king of the soaps now. Hardly ever watch anything there.

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