Airdate: The Soup Investigates

2013-10-22_1137The Soup host Joel McHale will front a new six part series that will explore mysteries, rumours and pop culture questions, The Soup Investigates.

Joined by a team of “not-so-professional investigators,” this show spoofs investigative journalism “from the absurd and inexplicable to the bizarre and just plain silly, there is no subject too sensitive.”

Up for discussion across the series are:

Dance Dads
Too many shows document the shrillest, most dedicated stage mothers in the country, but what about the unsung heroes of the competitive youth dance circuit – the fathers? Led by correspondent Ali Wong (Are You There Chelsea?), “The Soup Investigates” sheds light into the world of men who are just as passionate about their child’s jazz hands and sparkle as their female counterparts. Ali will sit down with a few of these fascinatingly strange men and reveal their answers to these hard-hitting questions: Why they feel compelled to push their children into dance? Do they get a vicarious thrill from pushing their progeny to perform? What makes them want to spend their free time choreographing a cowboy-themed salsa dance routine? The team will also take a clear-eyed look into the lives of the (un)fortunate dads who could really care less, but are dragged to what feels like an endless nightmare of kiddie dance recitals.

16 and NOT Pregnant
Lately, no one has been able to escape the babies-having-babies phenomenon. From TV shows to tabloid magazines, if you aren’t pregnant and still in high school, you’re nobody. But what makes these stories of broken dreams so compelling? Our correspondent Sarah Tiana (Chelsea Lately) wants to see how the other half of American teenagers lives – namely, the ones who aren’t parlaying their promiscuity into reality show deals. Sarah will delve deep into the virginal teen world and prove, once and for all, that not all teenagers are continually pregnant. Sarah will even sit down with Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom) and other “luminaries” who have thrived from the pregnant teen obsession to see how they’ve reaped a money whirlwind –thanks to abstaining… from abstinence.

Additional hot button topics being covered during the series include exploring the impact reality television has had on the world of professional duck call manufacturers as well as making a surprise drop into a doomsday bunker and giving it a fabulous extreme makeover.

Sunday, November 3 at 9pm on E!


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