All quiet on Schapelle telemovie

2012-11-27_0948Details of the Schapelle telemovie, originally due to screen on Nine in 2013, are being kept a closely guarded secret.

TV Tonight recently confirmed it would not air in 2013 but production would begin this year.

Nine has declined to provide further details of the production, largely to avoid opponents disrupting the project.

Today News Corp reports the drama is due to begin filming this month on the Gold Coast but all news of casting has been silenced.

Based on the book Sins Of The Father by journalist Eamon Duff it is to be directed by Khoa Do (Better Man) and produced by Jason Stephens.

Despite the Corby family’s previous alignments with the Nine Network for interviews, it won more than $50,000 in damages over unapproved use of family photographs in the book.

It is understood that the family has not negotiated any media deal yet for Schapelle’s release and is awaiting her parole to be granted.


  1. What’s this talk of a media deal? I was under the impression there were laws in place to prevent convicted criminals from profiting from crime.

  2. Maybe they are waiting to see if she gets parole so they know how to end the movie.

    But they will still get things wrong in the film. I mean only 1 person knows the 100% truth

  3. Not sure I want to watch a program that uses a shell of a true story then fills it with made up conversations and events so it looks more exciting.

    I can picture the clips from the promo: “Get me out of this $/&@# place!!!11” and “You’re terrible Schapelle!”

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