Brains beats Geeks

Ratings: Todd Sampson's ABC series outranks the Beauty & the Geek, while Top Gear and Revealed struggle.

1rdmbIt was a battle of the brains but the newcomer defeated the champion as ReDesign My Brain with Todd Sampson won its timeslot last night.

The ABC1 show scored 865,000 viewers, eclipsing the season premiere of Beauty and the Geek Australia (804,000). But the Seven show won in the all important demos, even topping the night overall.

Thursday was another low-audience night with a combination of less-profile shows and warmer weather biting. Of note TEN pulled out its best audience for the week for Law and Order: SVU (703,000). But Revealed which followed plummeted to just 247,000 -fifth in its slot. Can the audience be any more clearer? This is Programming 101, folks.

Seven Network share was 31.0% then Nine 24.0%, ABC 21.6%, TEN 17.4% and SBS 5.9%.

Seven News (1.08m) topped the night for Seven followed by Today Tonight (952,000), Home and Away (888,000), Beauty and the Geek Australia (804,000), How I Met Your Mother (720,000), Million Dollar Minute (495,000) and I’m a Teenage Grandmother (380,000).

Nine News (1.04m) was best for Nine followed by A Current Affair (878,000), Big Brother (801,000), Hot Seat (609,000) but new Top Gear (512,000) was fourth in its slot.

ABC News (907,000) and ReDesign My Brain With Todd Sampson (865,000) both won their timeslots for ABC1 then, 7:30 (788,000), Jennifer Byrne Presents (637,000) and Fry’s Planet Word (427,000).

Law and Order: SVU did well for TEN on 703,000, its best audience this year and it will rank as TEN’s top show of the week. Next were TEN Eyewitness News (587,000), Save with Jamie (570,000) and The Project (493,000).  The Simpsons was 295,000. Despite its bumper lead-in Revealed was just 247,000 -TEN this morning claimed its as its “biggest audience of 2013” …seriously….

Masters of Sex and Heston’s Fantastical Foods both scored 256,000 on SBS ONE. Destination Flavour was 208,000 then Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation (165,000) and World News Australia 148,000.

Big Bang Theory (330,000 / 329,000) topped multichannels. Thursday FC debuted with just 25,000 -19,000 of whom were in Sydney.

Today: 322,000
Sunrise: 313,000
ABC News Breakfast: 71,000 / 36,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 10 October 2013

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  1. Maybe Ten could start by fixing Monday. I don’t think their Sunday line up is bad, its good viewing. And by fixing Monday, I mean bringing back Good News Week! Fix the start of the week and surely the rest becomes easier?

  2. Revealed actually had 2 Australian stories last night – a great interview with Alistair Ellis and a Pearl Jam interview. But for some reason the lead story was some US 60 mins story which would have had a lot of viewers reaching for the remote. Hugh Riminton’s talents are totally wasted on the show. He does absolutely nothing but introduce stories.

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