Foxtel iQ3 coming in 2014

Reverse EPGFoxtel’s iQ3 will launch next year.

The third generation personal recorder will combine internet entertainment and a brand new Electronic Program Guide enhancement which lets viewers browse back in time by up to 26 hours in the TV Guide on selected channels, via the internet.

Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said, “This exciting new feature will dramatically increase the amount of content available to our customers so they don’t miss out on the shows they love. We have started to roll out this feature to our internet capable iQ and iQHD subscribers and it will be available nationally over the next month, as our iQHD is offered across the entire country. The best news – it’s all included with a Foxtel subscription.

“The revolutionary iQ3 will be a quantum leap forward from our previous set top boxes. Using wi-fi technology it will offer significantly more opportunities for internet delivery and a vastly improved TV Guide that has been streamlined to help customers discover the best programming for them,” he said.

“With combined live, recorded and On Demand programs, this box will customise the TV experience and take it to the next level. We look forward to sharing more details about what the iQ3 is capable of over the coming months ahead of its launch next year.”

Freudenstein has previously spoken about the iQ3 having a 1 Terabyte hard drive and allow viewers to watch one show while recording up to four others.

· Internet enabled and connected Foxtel iQ or Foxtel iQHD users can now scroll back in time up to 26 hours to watch selected programs they may have missed.

· This new service will be available nationally as iQHD set top units begin to be offered around the country over the next month.

· This service is available in standard definition and in high definition for Foxtel iQHD customers with the HD channel pack.

· This new enhancement is available at no extra cost as part of a Foxtel subscription

· Program availability is based on the customer’s subscription.

· Programs are available to watch within 15 minutes after live broadcast ends.

· Customers receive the new enhancement automatically via their set top unit.

· When subscribers scroll left in the EPG using the left arrow on a Foxtel remote a blue shade will appear, indicating they’ve looked back in time.

· Programs available to watch will feature black text, while shows not available will appear with grey text. Customers can then press select on their remote to begin viewing.

· At launch selected programming on the following channels will be available Fox Sports, ESPN, Eurosports, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, FOX8, FX, E!, MTV, Arena, Studio, UKTV, The LifeStyle channels, A&E, the Discovery Channels, the National Geographic channels, BBC Knowledge, Showcase, the Foxtel Movie channels and World Movies

· Recommended Internet speeds apply. ISP and data charges may apply

· Foxtel and some services not available to all homes.


  1. I hope that they fix the basics first.
    My MYStar HD likes to add an hour or so to recordings or as of late on the home chanel start recordings half way through.

    The new IQ needs to be able to transfer recordings to an tablet or PC so you can take your recordings with you.

    It also Needs to be able to stream your recordings from one IQ to Another or have a mini (Refer to Tivo mini avbl in USA) and to tablet and PC Devices so you can take your tablet out in the backyard by the pool and watch the gme you recorded last night.

  2. Adam Oriti Art

    Just got rid of Foxtel and will never return. Old programming, commercials overload, grainy images. Watching FTA is now crystal clear and no more wasted $$$ going to a terribly rude company.

  3. lol all this new technology from Foxtel and yet only 2 Android devices are able to view Foxtel Go!! I rather have my tablet able to view Foxtel Go than get a new box, you cannot take your IQ3 with you on holidays ?

  4. I’m confused. It talks about iq3 and a feature that it has and that it will be rolled out in te next mint and then about the iq3 again.

    My reading is that the ability to go back 26 hours is available imminently through a software upgrade to the iq2 and Ethernet web access. This feature will also be in iq3 but also through wifi as iq3 will have wifi built in.

    Sounds a bit like iPhone 5s. No real need to upgrade because you get most of the good stuff with the software.

  5. Have an existing iqHD for two years and constantly use up my 30GB HD recording allowance.

    Can’t wait for the new iq3 box next year (hopefully in time for the FIFA World Cup) as well as recording up to 4 shows (2 NRL games, 1 Super Rugby game at the same time) while watching the AFL next season.

  6. At what cost will the iQ3 come at? I have the iQ2 HD but when the 3 comes out I don’t want to have to fork out more money just to have it. It should be free for subscribers who’ve paid for and have had HD content for a while! I don’t want to “up-grade” I want to get the new box free!

  7. Can’t wait for this. Been waiting for the iQ3 and can finally replace the MyStarHD box. The big question though is will FTA channels be available on this new box to satellite users. Otherwise there is no point me giving up the MyStarHD box.

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