Gruen finale ends solid season for ABC1

Ratings: Gruen Planet and Ja'mie win their timeslots for ABC1, but Nine wins Wednesday night.

2013-10-31_0952ABC will be sorry to see Gruen Planet end its season. It was the only entertainment show over the magic million on television last night, pulling 1.00m viewers. Next week ABC1 fills the spot with Qi repeats, the channel’s very own Big Bang Theory (sorry, Mr. Fry!).

Paired with Ja’mie: Private School Girl, which slipped slightly to 880,000, the ABC1 double won their timeslots.

But the night belonged to Nine with a network share of 28.8% then Seven 26.7%, ABC 20.7%, TEN 19.2% and SBS 4.6%.

Nine News topped the night with 1.03m (Sydney may have 1 hour news but it’s abandoned the split coding), then Big Brother (842,000), A Current Affair (822,000), Hostages (642,000), Hot Seat (518,000) and CSI (349,000).

Seven News (1.02m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (864,000), Home and Away (820,000), SlideShow (626,000), Movie: Jack and Jill (427,000) and Million Dollar Minute (408,000).

ABC1’s other titles were ABC News (764,000), 7:30 (769,000), Tractor Monkeys (496,000) and Agony Aunts (447,000).

The Bachelor (649,000) outrated Seven in its timeslot. Also for TEN were TEN Eyewitness News (584,000), Wonderland (516,000), The Project (481,000) and The Simpsons (320,000).

24 Hours in Emergency (236,000) led SBS ONE followed by Acid Ocean (201,000), World News Australia (151,000) and Being Overseas (74,000).

The Big Bang Theory on GO! topped multichannels with 311,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 30 October 2013

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  1. Russell’s views on advertising are amusing. However its fairly clear that when he watches TV he watches the ads and fast-forwards through the annoying bits in between them and knows little about anything else.

    His solution to organised crime which is skilled at avoiding surveillance, has informants in the police, enforces a code of silence with murder, intimidates witnesses by giving 17-year-olds stolen firearms and paying them to go round and shoot up their house (or one nearby they don’t care and it doesn’t matter) is just to send a cop around and arrest them.

    Wow, why hasn’t anybody tried that before!

  2. The Bachelor and Wonderland are both pretty steady right now. They’re retaining the same audience each week so Ten should be happy. I would have watched Wonderland had it started on time the first two weeks. It was late both times so ended up watching Gruen instead.

  3. Any idea why Gruen hasn’t been put on iView this week?
    And on the discussion of network stars on other networks, just look at the US…. it works great over there. Whenever someone is interviewed from another network on Ellen or The View or other similar shows, the host just says “Check your local guides” instead of spruiking the other network but they still allow the star to be interviewed.

  4. @MJ also disagree Michael Caton went with Hot Property when it moved to Nine and still stayed with Rafters so this is similar…if Russel was working in the sales dept at ABC then it would be a different story

    1. Disagree. Russell is a third of what makes the show work. His traditional view of advertising is a great contrast to Todd Sampson’s. When TEN offered him his role it was always on the understanding he would remain with Gruen. TEN has always had a pretty flexible approach to having other network stars on theirs etc. It tends to be the other big 2 that are less receptive to it.

  5. I think The Bachelor will get another season. 650k is a good figure for ten. And more important it does well in the demos. It is a well made replica of the american version, a guilty pleasure!

  6. For me, Gruen is the best example of what heights Australian TV is capable. Combining comedy with intelligence the program informs and entertains. Not many other programs can do that.

    I hope these folks never run out of ideas.

  7. 650k is actually good for Ten. I think that Ten will keep The Bachelor, at least until they are sure they have something better.

    They are extending it to 90m next week, and starting shows at 9pm and 10pm to counter the late running by 7&9. The tried that before with The Good Wife but it didn’t work. If it does then the Bachelor definitely has a use.

    If it works they would

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