Meet the Russian Wilfred

2013-10-12_0110Anarchic mutt Wilfred is getting a Russian adaptation, to be known as Charlie.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports a deal was finalised between Renegade Films and Ukraine-based studio Star Media Group, at Mipcom in Cannes this week.

It follows on from the US adaptation starring Jason Gann and Elijah Wood for FX.

The deal is “a great tribute to the original creators of the show, Adam Zwar and Jason Gann, as well Tony Rogers and Jen Livingston, who directed and produced the original”, Renegade’s Joe Connor said.

“We haven’t done out homework yet but this could be an Australian first,” Connor said. “Production is under way with the ink barely dry on the contract.”

When the series first aired on SBS, it came under fire from sections of the media for using government funding for a rude, bong-smoking dog.

But it has already broken records for an Aussie show to win the most seasons in the US -now approaching 4.

Preliminary filming on the Russian version has already begun.


  1. Shazz, the tv show is gonna be Russian, but for some reason it will be filmed in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.
    Greetings from Kyiv by the way, I live here 🙂

    And maybe it will be interesting for you why there are two variants of spelling the name of our city-in Russian it’s Kiev, but in Ukrainian it’s Kyiv. At the times of Soviet Union we’ve been forced to use Russian language, that’s why the “Kiev” variant is more viral nowadays, we are the young country, it takes time to leave the old habits.

  2. Am quite surprised with the success of this franchise, I tried to watch a few scenes a while back but just did not get the concept of this show maybe it’s just me but I really didn’t like it found it really silly, I know it’s different but not for me..

  3. What does he mean by “Australian first”? Does he mean a show remade in Russia? Otherwise, there have been plenty of soapies, comedies and other genres remade overseas,

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