1. I’m glad Ten did well with NCIS. I’m also glad they put the new shows where they should be: Tuesday night. The audience rewarded that sensible decision.

  2. @MHA – Shaun Micallef left Talkin Bout Your Generation to pursue other creative avenues. Very unlikely that it will return. However I’d love it if Ten could pull together the gang for a Christmas special for later this year.

  3. If Ten had made Grand Designs Australia it would rate a couple of hundred thousand on the weekend and lose money.

    The only reason it is made is because cable channels are forced to spend 10% of programming budget on Australian shows because they all lose money.

  4. NCIS averaged 682k for new episodes this year.
    So 775k is pretty good and no sign that the few weeks delay cost it.

    The only things Ten’s hasn’t show, that it could have is S2 of Puberty Blues and The Good Wife (which rates 300k) because launching new programmes in a congested schedule during daylight savings is silly.

    There isn’t anything more Ten can do.

  5. i want to know is that why are people still watching dancing with the stars its a horrible production the musicians butcher the songs why the so call celebs are dancing badly besides the chick from home & away & thank god shes apparently leaving home & away to go to america but yer ncis should of won the night

  6. @randwick – Agree with you 100%

    And bring back Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation, and keep to a regaulr timeslot, and don’t run repeats in the middle of a first run season.

  7. Recipe to Riches isn’t a 7:30 show. Infact, it’s not really a TEN show. It would probabl do better on ABC. There’s certainly a very confused programming slate at TEN that only sometimes appeals to their new old demographic, and even then, not that successfully. I wonder what can turn their luck around….anyone?

    • If TEN want to hit an older demo they need to look at how well Lifestyle Channel makes some of their stuff. Imagine if TEN had Grand Designs Aus? Stop confusing property shows as being renovation shows -they are 2 different things. Just tell me a story. They also won’t get back into Event TV without Live TV, starting with Sunday nights.

  8. Another reality show bites the dust. Do not expect Recipe to Riches to appear again next year after the continued ordinary ratings this year. And I imagine Woolworths are not happy to have their brand associated with a failure.

  9. @William – Law and Order SVU did 719,000 last week and lost to the ABC’s Redesign My Brain by 45,000. I cannot see Law and Order SVU catching the final Resign My Brain this week let alone picking up an extra 56,000 this week to catch-up to NCIS (then need a bit more to pass it).

    Stranger things have happened, however I doubt it this week at least, NCIS is TEN’s golden show.

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