Not #7DaysLater

James and Jay from StuntBear (who previously parodied The Shire and the Logies leaks in their videos) now turn their attention to #7DaysLater, ABC2’s “crowd-sourcing” comedy which premieres tomorrow night.

Here they try to pitch the same idea to ABC2 then gatecrash their Ultimo headquarters…

With #7DaysLater cast members Nick Boshier and Alex Williamson participating, would we be right to assume this was all done as part of their own viral marketing? But fun nonetheless.


  1. Maxxdude, I’ve noticed some of those disparaging credit VOs too. Sometimes they can be funny though. Kinda related, but I caught some SBS2 promos for The Walking Dead with the end strap saying, “… slow-tracked from the US.” I giggled.

  2. I watched ABC2 the other night & couldn’t believe the network promos. They were actually bagging the shows that were just on (even worse than Eleven does) & the ‘announcer’ was saying that she didn’t even watch the show.
    This video is the worst thing I have seen for a while. What passes for humour nowadays in Australia is woeful.

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