Oops. Sam Armytage’s phone number live to air.

2013-10-03_1351Sam Armytage began receiving marriage proposals live on air today after her mobile number was accidentally given out on air.

Sunrise was talking to a tech expert about a new watch-phone, which he demonstrated by calling Armytage on air. But despite all the best pixellation intentions in the world, her number was visible to viewers.

Within seconds her phone began ringing.

“Why are lots of people calling me?” she asked.

“To everyone calling my phone, we’re changing the number today so stop calling!”



  1. The Other Adam

    If it wasn’t a setup – how precious is she to have to change her number straight away? Surely nobody would bother calling by next week… if not today!

  2. I do love they are saying that it wasn’t a setup considering how similar it is to The Today Show number.

    Not that Australia copies american shows.
    Tonight live with steve vizard / dave letterman anyone?

  3. Publicity stunt! Exact copy of what happened on the NBC Today show a few weeks ago, where Hoda gave out her phone number accidentally.


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