Remington Steele -the comedy

2013-10-11_00391980s US drama Remington Steele is getting another lease on life -this time as a half hour comedy.

The show that launched the career of Pierce Brosnan aired for five seasons between 1982-1987 featuring private detective Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), recruiting a con man (Brosnan) to pose as fictitious male superior Remington Steele at her detective agency.

Now a reboot follows Olivia Holt, the daughter of Remington Steele and Laura Holt, as she reopens the once-world-famous Remington Steele Detective Agency — only to fall into “the same hilarious, action-packed, romantic entanglements of her parents.” At least that’s how Deadline is reporting it.

NBC has its heart set on this one.


  1. I’ve actually asked Bruce Boxleitner about a SMK reunion on Twitter. He said he’s had some wonderful phone conversations about the show with Kate lately. But “wishful thinking” on their part. Not likely to happen.

  2. I wonder if this will inspire anyone to repeat the original series on a secondary channel somewhere. Also why not Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

    @ Cam Reed

    Did you know the actor was the Doctor on The Love Boat? Making it extra amusing for those in the audience in on the joke.

  3. Will reserve judgement on this, however it brought to mind the 1995 Get Smart where Max was Chief of Control, 99 a Politician and their son Zach (Andy Dick) was a Control Agent and Siegfried’s daughter Jessica/Gretchen (Leah Lail) was a KAOS Agent.

    It only lasted 7 episodes, though had some good lines like after Zach told him his father was a Greeting Cards Salesman and she found out otherwise: ‘You’re just like my father. He lied to me the whole time I am growing up. He told me that he was a doctor on a cruise-ship.’

  4. I loved Remington Steele (Young Pierce Brosnan, sigh) and The Scarecrow and Mrs King (Young Bruce Boxleitner, sigh)
    Not so sure about a remake/update. Sometimes you can’t go back….

  5. What’s old is new again.
    I would love to see some of my favourite 80’s shows back on today’s screen.
    How about a reboot of Scarecrow and Mrs King? (Without the Cold War) That was my favourite!

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