Renewed: The Simpsons

Springfield’s yellow overbiters have been renewed for yet another season, their 26th.

“For more than a quarter of a century, The Simpsons has captured the hearts and minds of fans in a way that transcends ages, languages and cultures,” Kevin Reilly, chairman of entertainment at FOX said in a statement.

“It’s one of the greatest sitcoms of our time, and I’m looking forward to yet another landmark season.”

Recent news that a regular character would expire is now confirmed for the 26th Season.

“This is great; no end in sight, except for one character who will die next season,” Producer Al Jean said.

Meanwhile, Guillermo del Toro recently directed the The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXIV opening.


  1. @ Cam Reed – yes, it is amazing how many people would want to spoil the enjoyment of others rather than simply using the channel changer or the off button of their remote isn’t it?

    I personally loathe such shows as H&A, and any and all “reality” TV but I would never ask for it to be taken off purely for my satisfaction as I know others enjoy them. There is always something else for me to watch ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Aussie – you have answered your own question. Those other shows lost viewers and were cancelled. Simpsons is still rating strong. To get Fox to remove it for good, you have to stop all its fans from watching it…. good luck with that ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Gosh. By now I hope that the writers and producers have planned a contingency plan in the event that any of the core cast members were to die. =(

  3. Aussie_Austridge

    Oh no, the patient’s dead. Stop trying to keep this lame rubbish going. Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, LA Law, Studs, Cops. FOX took the hint when they all jumped the shark and the viewers disappeared by cancelling them, yet we still have this hangover from the 1980s polluting our screens. What on Earth do we have to do to get FOX to kill it off for good?

  4. @cam reed. Are you sure your figures are for only one season or it that for the 23 seasons? It seems extraordinarily high for just one season. Based on your figures 1 x 30 minute episode episode earns around 400 million in advertiding revenue each week…surely not?

  5. @ruebot – Fox aren’t going to let their cash cow die anytime soon, up until 27/11/2012 the figures to Season 23 were: $5.22 Billion in advertising, $4.6 Billion in Merchandise & Toy Sales and $1.1 Billion in TV syndication revenue. Then you add in the Movie sales at the box office and Film and TV sales on DVD; the Total Simpsons Franchise Revenue is $12.33 Billion a year.

    Plus last weeks 25th season premiere ranked as the No. 1 entertainment program of the night among Adults 18-49 and was up +12% from last seasonโ€™s average. So best you can do is ignore it and not watch, because I can see it easily making 30 seasons (and likely more).

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