Returning: Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

Beware toddlers with flying projectiles. Australia's Funniest Home Videos returns.

2013-10-03_2323It’s been a long time off air, but new episodes of  Australia’s Funniest Home Videos finally return to air for those that have been missing it.

Hosted by Shelley Craft, it returns 7pm Saturday on Nine.

Beware toddlers with flying projectiles.

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  1. As much as I don’t like this show, I wonder if Nine would now consider having this show return to our screens any time soon? Going by the recent success of Seven’s airing of “funny” Animal Clip Shows.

    It last aired on Saturday nights. Nine has had some terrible ratings lately on Saturday nights. This show might add some variety to Saturday night viewing…. (to some)

  2. Agree with jumbo k, the show is just not funny anymore but perhaps nine does not have anything else to put in its place or they could do more and more reruns of the BBT that would be a novelty.

  3. It looks like my guide has since updated itself and is now also saying 7pm! When did Nine start running an hour-long bulletin on Saturdays (I only noticed it last week and assumed it was a one off related to the footy on afterwards)?

    1. I checked several sources last night, including Nine’s own guide (both online / advance) and it has 7pm. I still see 7pm listed online. I’ve Nine doesn’t want to issue me amendments, they will have to cop any incorrect info as a result. Great strategy.

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