Returning: Shock, Horror, Aunty!

Craig Reucassel is set to return, looking at vintage shows which caused audience outrage.

2013-01-08_1428Craig Reucassel is set to return with a second season of Shock, Horror, Aunty!, looking at vintage shows which caused audience outrage.

This time the series moves from comedy and entertainment shows to other genres that broke new ground.

Hosted by The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel, Shock Horror Aunty series 2 digs deep into the vault to uncover ABC TV’s boundary-pushing moments that generated outrage amongst viewers, the media or ABC management over the last six decades.

In three half-hour specials we mine the archives of the ABC and deliver some of the naughtiest and most controversial scenes in ABC TV’s history.

The first season focused on Comedy and Entertainment programs. This time round we widen the brief to include other genres and discover the programs that broke new ground, took risks and sometimes ended up with public outcry for sailing to close too the edge for the time.

9:30pm Wednesday, 13 November ABC1.

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