Robert Irwin to co-host series for Discovery Kids Asia

Nine year old Robert Irwin will host Wild But True, exploring parallels between nature and science.

2013-10-26_0149Nine year old Robert Irwin will host Wild But True, scheduled to premiere in the third quarter of 2014 on Discovery Kids across Asia, exploring parallels between nature and science.

He will be joined by co-host Shania Bhopa, a 15-year-old student from Toronto, Canada. The 13-part series is a DNAP co-production with Toronto-based CCI Entertainment Ltd.

They lead the exploration on how billions of years of knowledge from nature and wildlife is making life better for us humans.  Together, they will present stories and fun facts that show how science has made our human world a true student of Mother Nature.

Targeting school-age kids between 6 and 12, Wild But True asks such questions as ‘How did the kingfisher inspire Japan’s bullet train? What can a termite mound show us about cooling our towering skyscrapers?  Can the humble butterfly help us make better smartphones?’

He calls it a “really, really cool concept” for a television show. “… it’s about how science has gotten ideas and built from inventions from the natural world,” he said.

The siblings appeared regularly on their father’s show before he died from a sting ray injury in 2006 while shooting a documentary.

Bindi Irwin said, “I think that the greatest tip that dad gave myself when we started filming is that he said, `When you talk to the camera, just talk to it like you’re talking to a person, because that’s what you’re doing, you’re speaking to people in their living rooms,'” she explains.

Robert Irwin says although he was just 3 when his father died, he has vivid memories.

“He was really, really passionate in every single thing that he did. I think it’s really important to carry on for what he did, so I’m really glad that that’s what we’re doing,” he says.

“I think we’re really lucky too because so much of our lives together were filmed,” adds his mother, Terri. “We’ve got that family opportunity of always filming together, so we can look back on good times anytime we want.”

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  1. He is a much better presenter than Bindi. As he says in the story he is much more natural than Bindi.
    I can see him being in TV forever while Bindi fades away.
    Seems strange to pair him with a 15 yo presenter though…

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