Seven to produce Amazing Race Australia in-house

2013-10-23_1046It’s great to see Seven is returning to The Amazing Race Australia, something many readers have been campaigning for over an extensive period.

Both Aussie seasons were as good as anything the US has served up -a rarity in local adaptations.

But there will be some subtle changes to the new season with Seven producing the series in-house.

That means activeTV, which won the International Emmy Award for the second season, is not on board. That’s a shame given they have produced a Philippine version, a Ukrainian version, an Israeli version, helped out on two American series, consulted on a Vietnamese version and is planning another in Asia.

Rights holders Disney and co-creator Bertram van Munster are loyal to Seven given the network’s long association with the brand, so presumably they have faith in Seven’s own team. No doubt Grant Bowler will be high on the host wishlist if he is available.

There will also be a twist this season, which Mediaweek reports is a “race within a race” -Australia vs. NZ competitors. If you remember back to earlier seasons of MKR, we’ve previously seen Kiwis brought in to take on Aussies in Seven shows.

Applications for teams of two open from midday today if you wish to apply:

They close on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.



  1. I thought they always made this inhouse?? They must have had control over how it was made as it was certainly of a Channel7 production standard.
    They know what they are doing there – MKR and House Rules are testiment to this.
    Hopefully The Amazing Race will be the same format but with a fresh lick of paint.

  2. I think it’s great Seven are doing it in house… shows like MKR and House Rules prove they have the the local staff, facilities and execs on site to handle big productions and keep costs and schedules in check

  3. Big no on the Aussies v Kiwis & very nervous that Seven is producing in house. There is a tried & true formula to TAR that is highlighted by the casting not by massive twists.
    Nervous they will do a Mole on TARA.
    If Grant Bowler not available get Allan Wu the host of TAR Asia. He is really terrific.

  4. i like Shura, but i don’t think Seven will use him. Simply because he’s now associated with The Mole which was a failure. I agree he should replace Denyer – on every show! i’d love to not see him on TV again!

  5. I would be in favour of dumping Grant for Shura. Grant didn’t bring much personality to the role, very robotic. and he has had a role in every US show i watch, he’d do fine without it. Shura is a fresh face, has a good balance of personality without making it all about himself, and probably needs the employment, would be a shame to see a talent out of work.

  6. Hopefully Seven will do this well and they have learned from the disasterous scheduling and excessive episodes associated with The Mole.

    I think Shura is good but would prefer Mr Bowler if he is available to host.

  7. I’m sorry but this is not about ch7 listening to it’s viewers if it was they would of bought the show back last year & not continued with the mole which was pathetic, it’s all about them saving money or wanting better ratings though I understand it’s good to try new things etc but I think ch7 really need to start listening more to their viewers we are the people that make the ratings.

  8. Love The Amazing Race and so glad Seven is listening to us. Its a shame that activetv aren’t involved. Still. looking forward to having an Aussie version.

  9. @Daniel
    I though Shura was great too 🙂 Hopefully he gets some more gigs as I enjoyed watching him!

    Most people/comments I have seen were positive towards Shura so we must hang around in different circles!

  10. Wow in house production. That is a bold move. So Australians VS Kiwi’s huh? That should be good. I hope they still travel the world though.

    I didn’t like him and a lot of others didn’t either.

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