TEN launches Eyewitness News app

TEN has now launched its new TEN Eyewitness News, app allowing viewers to submit user generated content.

tenapTEN has now launched its new TEN Eyewitness News app (although it’s not so easy to find in the iTunes app Store).

The app allows users to capture their own videos and photos of breaking news and upload them to TEN’s news website.

Videos and photos from viewers will also appear in news bulletins and allow users to Live stream bulletins to their devices.

TEN’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, said: “The new TEN Eyewitness News app reflects the way viewers want to consume news, from wherever they are and at any time across the day.

“It also makes viewers part of our news. Being an eyewitness reporter via the TEN Eyewitness News app presents a unique opportunity and one which engages viewers with our news like never before,” he said.

The introduction of the app comes just one week after the tenplay app, with more on the way including a dedicated app Winter Olympics app.

The new TEN Eyewitness News app is available on iOS for iPhone and iPad at AppStore.com/tennews, or on the web at www.tenplay.com.au/news

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  1. just like Channel Nein and Foxtel (Go … only on some devices and not the popular S4)… they ignore android users and as quite rightly pointed out by others… Iphones are not the only phone users in this world… Tens response… use your we browser enable mobile device…. thats not an app TEN ! so again the ABC lead the way

  2. Does it work? I downloaded the TENplay app to my ipad and it crashes the second you try to open it. It’s totally useless. Many complaints on iTunes. Why can’t they get these things right before they foist them on the unsuspecting public.

  3. What is the point of streaming live the 5pm news?

    The whole idea of “anytime” is to get news on demand – when it suits the user. Hence “anytime”

    That means at 4am, 11am, 2pm or 10.16pm – people should be able to watch the news.

    Early, Morning, 5m and 10.30pm news hsould al be live streaming on app – but also archived for viewing whenever ones wants.

  4. An app with restricted access – you can only watch your local bulletin. Makes a mockery of the ‘anywhere, anytime’ promotion. I was really hoping Ten got this right but in its current format it’s useless.

  5. @Billy C – Dead right. Anyone with half a brain would want payment – if it was anything newsworthy. Zapruda got $150,000 from Life and $85,000 from Oliver Stone for probably the most-watched piece of news film ever shot (no pun intended). And that was 50 years ago.

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