The Artist’s Story: Tina Arena

2013-10-04_0040Next month MAX will screen The Artist’s Story, profiling sublime songstress Tina Arena, from her days on Young Talent Time to her new album, Reset.

Tina Arena is one of Australia’s most cherished artists. With a career spanning almost 40 years, she has amassed an awe-inspiring collection of achievements; from album sales upward of eight million (making her one of this country’s highest-selling female artists), numerous Awards from here and overseas, to being honoured with an Order of State in France. Exploring her relentless determination, strength and career that saw her propelled onto the global stage, MAX delivers the untold story of one of Australia’s greatest voices in the exclusive local production, MAX The Artist’s Story: Tina Arena.

Premiering Thursday, November 21 at 9pm this documentary utilises a wealth of archival footage as well as recent interviews to follow this iconic songstress chronologically through her illustrious career. The result: the real inside story of Tina Arena.

One in four Australians own a Tina Arena record. It’s no surprise, really. Making her television debut at eight years-old, Tina immediately became a household name as a star on the landmark Australian show, Young Talent Time. This one hour documentary traces the singer/songwriter through her career, from her start on the show, to going on to forge a music career and becoming one of the few child stars to attain widespread success and longevity.

In 1994 Tina released her seminal album Don’t Ask, which sold over one million copies worldwide and was certified 10 times platinum in Australia. The pop diva has countless hits to her name including ‘Chains’, ‘Sorrento Moon’ and ‘Symphony of Life’ and has built an international career with huge success in France in particular. On October 18 she releases her first English album of original material in ten years, Reset.

The story of Tina Arena is told through exclusive interviews, including one with the artist at her home in Paris. MAX also speaks with some of the people who have impacted Tina’s life and career. From Johnny Young, who shares stories about working with a young Tina on Young Talent Time; Dannii Minogue, who talks about their time together on YTT, their parallel careers both in Australia and Europe and their longstanding friendship; Tina’s older sister, Nancy Arena, who, in her first television interview, gives us insight into the Arena family, Tina’s career and opens up the family album to share cherished photos; to Nile Rodgers, the iconic musician and producer who discusses working with Tina as a producer on her fourth studio album Just Me and more.

The story of Tina Arena is the third instalment of the documentary series MAX: The Artist’s Story which sets out to uncover the exclusive, untold story of some of the world’s most revered artists. Previous artists featured were Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel.

Discover the never-before-told story behind this iconic Australian artist in, MAX The Artist’s Story: Tina Arena.

Thursday, November 21 at 9pm on MAX

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