X Factor grand final tops 2 million viewers, crushes the competition.

xfgfThey will be singing in the Pyrmont offices of Seven today with The X Factor topping 2 million viewers last night.

The show pulled 2.02m viewers in preliminary numbers (it ran overtime by about 15 minutes) with 565,000 watching in Sydney and 533,000 in Melbourne.

It thrashed everything in its path with Australia’s Got Talent pushed down to 712,000 -its lowest audience so far. That was even lower than Kakadu on the ABC at 771,000.

Seven scored a whopping 42.9% share for the evening -double Nine’s share of 21.5%. TEN at 15.6% and ABC at 15.1% weren’t in contention. SBS was 4.8%.

Everything went Seven’s way on Sunday with Seven News winning at 1.46m and The Blacklist scoring 1.39m (a number that is yet to be adjusted). Castle was 765,000.

Tonight Seven will get to do it all again when a winner is announced -almost certain to be Dami Im. NB: TV Tonight will be publishing Live results AEDT.

No other network was able to crack the magic million, which is a rarity for a Sunday.

Nine News was 997,000 for Nine then 60 Minutes (830,000), Australia’s Got Talent (712,000) and the Movie: Salt (472,000).

Modern Family (710,000 / 594,000) was best for TEN followed by Elementary (545,000), TEN Eyewitness News (443,000), Attenborough’s Ark (439,000), The Graham Norton Show (346,000) and The Simpsons (266,000).

ABC News (791,000) led ABC1 then Kakadu (771,000). Luther (501,000 rated better than Serangoon Road last week against tougher competition. Compass was 403,000 and Paul Kelly: Stories of Me was 338,000.

On SBS ONE it was Richard III The Unseen Story (276,000), Wonders of the Clockwork World (233,000), World News Australia (179,000) and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (70,000).

ONE’s coverage of FIA Formula One did well topping multichannels with 283,000.

Insiders: 163,000 / 96,000 / 50,000
The Bolt Report: 115,000 / 68,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 27 October 2013


  1. The Inspector

    totally over all talent shows. I agree with Elizabeth
    C. Kakadu was brilliant last night. It was the best episode of the series.A place I have visited a number of times, and it was a pleasure to relive my visits. The scenery was spectacular. Thankyou ABC.

  2. So was 1d live last night or was it pre recorded. AGT are in the semi finals and it got smashed out of the ball park. Wonder if 9 are laughing. I doubt it.

    I hope Dami wins. She deserves it and has been the outstanding performer all along. Although if Taylor won it wouldn’t bother me.

  3. I enjoyed Kakadu. Brilliant documentary about one of Australia’s amazing National Parks. Whilst everyone was watching XF I thoroughly not watching it 🙂

  4. Last nights X Factor was unbelievable. Best performance show ever and there were some incredible performances culminating in Dami’s desk standing ovation at the end of the show. It deserves those figures and can’t wait for the finale tonight. It was such a slick production too. I really hope Dami can win. She is the best talent we’ve seen in this country for a long time. Great result for The Blacklist too.

    Got Talent on the otherhand gets its worst numbers ever i believe last night and continues to prove why Seven got rid of it.

  5. @ maxxdude

    Don;t think they run overtime because of advertising dollars. I think it is to give the following program a leg up in their ratings numbers (always adjusted downwards in the next day or so).

  6. Typo above “double Seven’s share of 21.5%” should read “double Nine’s share…..”
    ABC1 beats AGT. What were the odds on that happening Tom?
    @kimbeth – Is where “popularity” overrides “talent”.

  7. I really hope I’m wrong but can’t see Dami having a huge career here in Australia but I do believe when she wins sony should definitely make a push for her in the K-Pop scene, she should do quite well there.

  8. Now all Seven has to do is work on making a 2 hour show run for 2 hours not 2 hours 15 mins. How come US shows can always run on time to the minute as evidenced by the US versions of Idol & SYTYCD we get here. They never run overtime because of advertising dollars.
    Australian networks have to learn that & maybe the advertisers have to stand up & say something also.

  9. The judges will stand up for absolutely anything, that when there’s an actual good performance they have to get on the table.

    I hope the producers address this next year. They don’t have to stand up for everything. Take a leaf from the UK version. They’re the benchmark for giving praise and criticism in a concise, fluent manner without having to stand up all the time.

  10. Xfactor is easily the best entertainment show on TV. I am surprised at the quality of singers this year. I thought it would of dried up by now but they just keep coming. Dannii and Redfoo have been great additions. Looking forward to tonight. Go Dami.

  11. Have loved the X factor this year, think the talent has been exceptional, so many great singers in Australia, 7 manages to put on a fantastic show each week with the lighting, choreography and laser effects, nice to know that people still enjoy a family show, thank you channel 7, I know that AGT is on the cards for next year as I believe that they signed for a 2 year deal, but don’t know how it will go as the ratings are not that good.

  12. what a brilliant show this is . the best show on tv . the talent is incredible. Dami is a true legend .what an amazing talent this girl is . a true supperstar.her final song was just amazing .world class performers. love love dami .taylor and jai are also fantastic performers as well.well done seven for putting on such a fantastic show .this years X factor is the best by far, and having one direction on was a masterstroke.this show kills the voice

  13. @David:

    So have the winners. Who remembers Casey Donovan or Kate Deraugo nowadays?

    Matt Corby, Anthony Callea, Shannon Noll and Ricki Lee were also rans on Idol.

    I think the young kid on X Factor could do some business in the years to come, but the teen lad, not so much.

    Based on talent, Dami is the clear winner. However, the result tonight will show whether this is more a popularity contest than a talent show.

  14. Rarely has a favourite won so I wouldn’t say it is in the bag and as much as Dami is the deserving winner in my opinion history has shown the runner-up has more success.

  15. There’s padding out then there’s x factor padding out…. Lets see, tonight there’s 2 songs from Katy Perry, the top 12 return, the top 12 perform with fall out boy and guy Sebastian performs his new single…

  16. They have Katy Perry on tonight too.

    LOL at the terrible numbers for AGT – will Nine persist with that one next year?
    I think The Voice is really enough for them, in terms of talent shows.

  17. I can see any of them winning.

    But to be frank, their performances were quite underwhelming yesterday. There’s a lot to criticise yet everybody just pretends that the show was amazing and that their favourite is flawless.

    I’m not happy with the X Factor this year. Too much sugar coating and excuses and favouritism.

  18. Everybody knows who is most likely to have won The X Factor. Yet Seven will still manage to get over 2 hours of live TV out of the result, and people will watch.

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