1. Agree with the comments re: Wake Up. I really like the news ticker and thought the live news from Nuala was much better. Shame Nuala isn’t in Sydney though. The banter between her, Tarsh and James is brilliant, especially this morning when it had a chance to shine

  2. @mediamgt,

    Yeah I tried to watch my recording of Masters of Sex from last night in Melbourne and it cut out at about the 8 minute mark and the picture was back about an hour later, just as the credits were rolling.

  3. Nuala’s news was much better today. Having a ticker is good – especially for those who only want to watch for a few minutes. And there was no guest tweeter today, thank goodness.

    A nice improvement on the whole, but these things really should’ve been sorted out on Day 1.

  4. The scrolling headlines are actually fantastic! Prior to them not being there, it was pretty much a televised radio show and you felt out of sync as news was only half hourly

    I also noticed that they’ve dropped the local news segment. Does anyone know when this started?

  5. Wake-Up has improved greatly since dropping Natasha from the show. James and Tarsh seem to set along really well and Tarsh is great fun to watch especially as she always has something to joke and laugh about.
    I noticed this morning they now have the scrolling headlines at the bottom of the screen. I wish they didn’t do that, I never read them and find it distracting.

  6. Hi David. Not sure if SBS World News was coded incorrectly or not. But I noticed they were off the air in Melbourne (analog and digital) late last night. And looking at the national ratings “Masters Of Sex rpt” after the news had no viewers at all.

    Did SBS have a major meltdown? Or was it just a local thing in Melbourne?

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