60 Minutes exclusive leads Nine to a win

conrad and liz 2The 60 Minutes world exclusive interview with Dr. Conrad Murray worked a treat for Nine, pulling 1.38m viewers as the top show for Sunday night.

In the interview Murray denied killing Michael Jackson, declaring he had been trying to wean the singer of Propofol. But Liz Hayes told him he should never have been on it in the first place.

ABC’s 50th anniversary for Doctor Who managed 922,000 viewers at 7:30pm with a further 424,000 watching at 6:50am. Even more would have watched via iview yesterday, but those numbers are not yet available.

Nine won the night with a 30.2% then Seven 29.3%, ABC 18.7%, TEN 16.9% and SBS 4.9%.

Nine News was next for Nine at 1.32m then David Attenborough’s Secrets of Wild India (1.15m), Ashes series (1.06m / 1.00m / 962,000),  The Cricket Show (773,000) and Movie: Crazy Stupid Love (620,000).

Seven News led Seven with 1.12m then Sunday Night ( 1.10m), Bones (746,000), Wild Planet: North America (692,000 fourth in its slot) and Castle (619,000 / 405,000).

Following Doctor Who (922,000) for ABC1 was ABC News (853,000), An Adventure in Space and Time (633,000), Doctor Who (424,000 AM broadcast) and Compass (273,000).

On TEN it was Modern Family (740,000 / 731,000), Elementary (707,000), TEN Eyewitness News (484,000), The Graham Norton Show (426,000), David Attenborough’s Living with Baboons (309,000) and Have You Been Paying Attention? (294,000).

Meet the Romans (235,000) was best on SBS ONE then The Hunt for the Book of Spells (191,000), King of Hollywood: Inventing David Geffen (139,000) and World News Australia (138,000).

GEM’s Antiques Roadshow led multichannels with 252,000.

Insiders: 173,000 / 93,000 / 41,000
The Bolt Report: 134,000 / 19,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 November 2013


  1. Armchair Analyst

    When 6 oclock came in Adelaide i was hoping the Cricket would be continued to be shown Live on GEM the fact that it wasnt was pretty poor by Nine apart from that the Commentators and the Coverage has been good. I liked how they had a chat to Billy Bermingham the man who has made a living impersonating the original Nine Commentry Team from World Series Cricket onwards. Anyway i also liked the interview that Liz Hayes had with Conrad Murray, personally i thought he was star struck and it was atleast somwhat about the money too. He on occasions seemed to contradict himself, but overall his arguments no matter how poorly worded made sense. Micheal was in pain and in debt why wouldnt he take his own life?

  2. David can you please post the ratings for Financial Review program on Nine. Love to see how it does against the ABC Inside Business which is pre recorded & the right wing Bolt Report.

  3. Have you been paying attention continues to flop badly. It is in the wrong timeslot but at the end of the day, it is the same Network Ten faces trying to be super hip and funny and I think we have outgrown them. It may work at 7.30 during non ratings but will soon bomb again when ratings time comes around.

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