ABC iview to relaunch in December -with Android app.

ABC's iview is getting a relaunch -just one of 3 announcements made by the ABC today.

iview2ABC’s much-loved iview catch-up service is getting a relaunch.

ABC Director of Television made three announcements today at the Screen Forever conference.

“We’re relaunching iview in December with a great new interface, and a long-awaited Android application as well,” he said.

“Early next year we will be releasing one of our major commissioning programmes for bingeing on iview and I think that’s exactly where a public broadcaster should be. We will continue to experiment in that space.

“ABC has started a process looking at making the ABC Archive accessible to everybody in download form. By Q4 next year we hope to have an application in the market which will allow people to access content outside the free window.”

Finlayson said the move to allowing archive access has come from audience feedback.

“One of the great frustrations people have is not being able to access episodes from a previous series. So we will make it easy, functional and effective.”

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  1. The Archived section would be fantastic for Programs that aren’t released onto Commercial DVDs. Ie – Australian Story and Catylist.

    I work in a DVD shop, and we get asked a lot about these sort of shows that will never get a DVD release, but customers are keen to see again.

  2. iView costs a lot to run because it’s so much more popular than other catch up sites (who, unlike the ABC, can monetise with ads to offset the costs). Catch up TV will still be free so I don’t have an issue with charging for archive content. The BBC has free (geo-blocked) catch up and a paid global service with archived content.

  3. It would be great if IView could have the feature to download shows for offline viewing. I know BBC iPlayer has this feature – it lets you download a show which will expire after 21 days. This is great for viewing on flights and public transport etc.

  4. I don’t mind an update now and then but please don’t ruin it ABC. You currently have the easiest to navigate and most reliable online catch up service of all the FTA broadcasters.

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