Airdate: Keating: The Interviews

ABC1 will screen a four part interview series between Kerry O'Brien and former PM Paul Keating.

2ktiABC1 will screen a four part interview series between Kerry O’Brien and former PM Paul Keating.

In this opening episode we hear how his mother passed on her ambition to see her son, his childhood passion for antiques and classical music, his fascination for Churchill and the history of the Labor party.

Future episodes will cover the Hawke-Keating union and his time as prime minister and beyond.

Paul Keating left school at 14, joined the Labor Party soon after, and thus began a remarkable and tumultuous 40-year journey into history as one of Australia’s most significant and contentious political leaders.

Love him or hate him, there’s been no one quite like Keating. In this candid four-part interview series with Kerry O’Brien, he reveals the forces that shaped his ambitions, and some of the inside stories of perhaps the most intense and sustained period of economic and social reform in Australian political history, including the triumphs and the tears of his highly successful but explosive relationship with Bob Hawke.

This unique series has many unforgettable moments. No prime ministers have revealed so much of themselves and their craft to the camera.

Paul Keating lived by the sword and died by the sword. “We all get carried out in the end.”

8:30pm Tuesday, 12 November ABC1.

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