Airdate: The Michael J. Fox Show, Perception.

In January the Universal Channel has a refresh, and here's what's in store.

michael_j_fox2In January the Universal Channel has a refresh, and here’s what’s in store.

The Michael J. Fox Show
Double Episodes
Wednesdays at 8.30pm from 15th January
Having retired to spend more time with his family after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, beloved New York TV
newsman Mike Henry decides to return to work on his own terms. Michael J. Fox and Betsy Brandt star as parents of three in this single-camera comedy series. Fox portrays a caring husband dealing with family, career and the challenges of Parkinson’s – all loosely drawn from his real life.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from 16th January
Eccentric Dr Daniel Pierce is one of the foremost experts in neurological disorders and unusual mental states… and is
also a schizophrenic. Pierce consults on complex FBI cases which appear to be the work of disturbed minds. With an
intimate knowledge of human behaviour and a masterful understanding of the mind, this quirky, crime-solving doctor
pulls lessons from an odd and imaginative view of the world. Stars Eric McCormack and Rachael Leigh Cook

Rookie Blue
Thursdays at 9.30pm from 16th January
Last season, Andy McNally walked away from her life as “that girl” – the heartbroken girl who puts her career after her personal life – to take on the biggest opportunity of her career. After six months on an intense undercover mission she’s ready to come back home. But she quickly realises that life doesn’t have a pause button; six months is a long time to leave everything behind – especially Sam Swarek. Stars Missy Peregrym, Ben Bass, and Gregory Smith

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  1. Perception sounds a bit like House. A doctor treating patients with serious and weird deseases yet he has a drug addiction problem. Anyway The Micheal J Fox Show is great i remember reading about it earlier in the year and really liked what i read and the promo. However i would have thought it would have been on Seven. I guess it will be eventually.

  2. The MJ Fox Show is good, not fantastic but well worth the watch, it grows on you. Just a shame FTA passed on this one, it could have been a nice summer show if they were worried about fast tracking.

    The US ratings haven’t been very good, but this is the case with most NBC shows over the last few years.

    Again well worth the watch!

  3. Damn damn damn!!!!!!!!! I’ve been so looking forward to the Michael J Fox show, I’ve loved him since Family Ties & Spin City days. Now it’s gone to bloody Foxtel. I had hoped 9 or one of the other channels would get it.

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