Attenborough vs Attenborough?

2013-11-07_0117Could Sir David Attenborough be about to go head to head with…. Sir David Attenborough?


TEN premiered David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities last Sunday at 6:30pm, featuring two different animals linked together by a distinctive evolutionary quirk. The 2013 series screened in the UK in January.

But Nine last began began promos for David Attenborough: Secrets of Wild India (complete with a Katy Perry song) coming soon to Sundays.

That would likely see the naturalist return to 6:30pm after Australia’s Got Talent wraps up, but potentially scheduled against himself on TEN.

Nine has traditionally screened Attenborough there, it was really TEN that was following suit.

David Attenborough: Secrets of Wild India is a 2012 series.

Maybe TEN could sneak in with him from 6pm instead?

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  1. So swap Attenborough with The Simpsons?
    They could try new episodes of The Simpsons at 6.30pm which should work as a better and more compatible lead-in to Have You Been Paying Attention. 6.30pm-8.30pm can be a 2 hour comedy block.

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