Australia’s Got Talent future undecided

2013-11-11_2359Nine may not renew Australia’s Got Talent after all.

Only two weeks ago media reported the show’s confirmed return for 2014, strategically reported in the run up to the Grand Final.

But TV Tonight is now hearing otherwise with suggestions Nine had told Simon Cowell’s Syco it would not return.

Nine Head of Programming and Production Andrew Backwell would neither confirm nor deny the show’s future.

“We are still in discussion on the renewal, when the series is concluded we will analyze the shows performance and make a decision,” he told TV Tonight.

The show finished on a high with 1.39m when Uncle Jed won the series but on a weekly basis it was overshadowed by The X Factor -also a Simon Cowell created show.

Nine already has two seasons of The Voice next year with the introduction of The Voice Kids. A third talent show risks being overkill.

AGT was also announced by Seven last year as returning in 2013 but it did an about face and Nine snaffled the show.


  1. Oh no I really liked ch 9’s version of AGT & they’ve done a good job I am pretty sure it’ll still come back despite the talks etc otherwise ch 10 I’m sure will try everything in their power to get it but they will run it to to the ground hence with all their reality shows. P.S I love Julia as the host on 9 she is fantastic, funny and I love her personality on tv she has done an amazing job!

  2. Schedule it in a tight format, with an easy to follow schedule. Maybe 6 heats over two weeks. Then quarters, semis and finals over two weeks.
    No doubt there is plenty of talent in the country and I’m sure there are enough people interested in watching this talent but the current format fails to attract many of these eyes.

  3. Big differences between AGT and BB. BB nearly always topped the demos every night and average between 800 to 900. AGT is only on once a week 800 which it was getting near the end isn’t really good enough for a once a week show.

  4. The time to talk about revamping and refreshing was 12 months ago. It should have been upgraded into the 2013 landscape this year, instead it went backwards 10 years and produced the daggieast season yet.This was the #1 show of 2011 it bombed in 2012 but after one dud season it was still salvageable. Now with 2 consecutive dud seasons I don’t think any level of refreshing can save it.

    I thought 9 were on a 2 year contract? If that isn’t the case then I’d say it’s gone. It would be a shame, this was a credible talent show once, producing mark Vincent, justice crew, timomatic and cosentino.

  5. The Voice really helped Nine in the ratings so much. I think this played a huge part in Nine getting AGT. They got a bit too excited and thought a slightly up scaled AGT would bring home the bacon. I think three reality shows on a network is enough.

  6. Think that AGT and BB should be axed they had good runs on different channels and 9 thought they would do better with them, in my opinion they were wrong let them rest for a while, but stupid channel 9 will keep them going and run them into the ground, when they wont get anyone watching.

  7. Britain’s Got Talent airs auditions weekly and then the semi-finals and finals across one week. It works really well and had Nine adopted a similar strategy they could easily have slotted in the live shows between the end of Big Brother and the end of the ratings season, out of the way of The X Factor.

  8. Nine should revamp the show and get it in and out in 3 weeks. Blitz thru the auditions, then live shows over 2 weeks and final. Too hard to stay connected to acts when you don’t see them for weeks (months maybe this year?)
    I think Britains Got Talent did this and got a new lease of life

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