Bumped: Revolution. Update: Super Fun Night

It didn't take long for Revolution to move from Nine to GO!

revolution-nbcIt didn’t take long for Revolution to move from Nine to GO!

The show has moved after just two weeks, now screening from 9.30pm on GO! on Tuesday night.

Super Fun Night is also out next Tuesday, but returns November 26 in its usual slot.

In their place are more Big Bang and the movie Dark Knight.

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  1. I don’t get to watch much TV, but I thought this show was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to sit down last night to watch it. Only to find some movie on!!! Nine give things a chance, this was something a bit interesting, something to get us thinking about the way we live etc and after 2 weeks its bumped to GO!
    Hopefully I get to see the ending & season 2 gets aired on Go.

  2. As for the clothes and stuff in Revolution. It’s not set in the chaos world of everyone for themselves. You have nation states of various levels of having their act together. It’s at a point where society has rebounded to an extent.

    So the idea of people making and selling clothes works completely. We just aren’t generally set in places where everyone has their act together. However as the show goes on, you see cities and towns which aren’t lawless and have their act together. Atlanta even has steam powered buses for public transport. Some states have cross atlantic trade ect.

  3. I just want to add I think it would be better if they try only one episode at 8.30pm. That way they can try to obtain and retain the most amount of viewers they can. If they don’t like 8.30pm for whatever reason then there’s one episode at 9.30pm as previously stated. Either is better for both the audience and the channel. I’ll just restate the 11.30pm end time is courting ratings disaster. That’s why I don’t like it.

    I’m also going to admit I prefer Fringe on Wednesday or if they prefer Thursday. But I’ll understand if it isn’t possible.

  4. I agree about the hair/clothes, we can assume some have made replacement products but it would be super expensive. 15 years later it should be more like the real wild west and how life was before modern conveniences, where is the toilet paper?

  5. Interesting to hear that Revolution is getting better – another good reason to watch on DVD and abandon 9’s programming games. I thought the jury was still out about whether Revolution was good or not – but other seem to think it is improving.

    We already know that Fringe is good and thats why I abandoned FTA TV for Fringe ages ago, and brought the DVD set back from Japan. Its like FTA programmers haven’t come to grips with this new fangled thing called jet aircraft travel yet, so its no surprise that they will never come to grips with the internet until they are all down at centrelink scratching their backsides wondering what happened to the FTA business model.

    Hopefully 10 have the sense to see that Sleepy Hollow is also going to get better so they may schedule it properly either on 10 or on 11… but I doubt it.

  6. I’m watching it on Foxtel but the show is definitely worth keeping up with.

    First season starts good but gets way better by the second half and continues getting better.

    Second season has knocked all that out of the park and has become one of my favorite must watch shows up there with things like The Walking Dead.

    Arrow is another show that got better as it went on but season two has really become great.

    As for Fringe. I’m now watching season 4 on blu-ray. I just ordered season 5 from the UK.

  7. Not sure how much more of Revolution I can take.

    15 years after the power goes off and all the amazingly clean and toned young bods can still find plenty of well made and well tailored clothes to wear! Nice leather boots, jackets, slim fit jeans and not a missing tooth in sight. High quality dentistry with no power, who would’ve guessed? Most of the women’s hair looks like they just stepped out of the salon too!

    I think it’s time someone made them all take a long cold shower with no soap, shampoo or blowdryers.

  8. I just wish if they are going to play it at 9.30pm on Ch 99 they play only one episode at a time. That way they can keep more of the audience. Because most people aren’t night owls. So they’d be able to keep as much of the audience as possible. So it’d be good for both Nine and the viewers. I still remember Parade’s End. I would never wish for that again. Speaking as an individual I am in no hurry to see it.

    @ Bilko

    They started Fringe two weeks ago. They currently repeat episodes early Sunday morning. Unfortunately by the time you read this the first episode will be played this morning again.

  9. Are we really shocked, they hold out for months to show this, over a year after the US and Foxtel and they wonder why fans didn’t wait. I agree this is better suited to GO! I guess the few remaining FTA viewers are lucky it wasn’t just pulled all together.

    I’m not a big fan of SFN, but I hope it lasts here and in the US.

  10. Already seen Fringe S5 so too late there, as it looks like Revolution has been approved for a S2 so I think I’ll wait and watch S1 on DVD rather than rely on Nine’s programmers……

  11. Nobody (except Nine’s programmers apparently) is surprised by this. Several people here commented that it wouldn’t last on the main channel and was more suitable for Go, with predictions ranging from a few weeks to a month before it would be bumped. If Nine hadn’t doubled up the eps it might have actually lasted that long.

    The sensible thing would have been Hostages at 8:30 followed by Revolution. Why does Nine not see this?

  12. I am grateful that is is still on. Perhaps GO! was the right place for Revolution in the first place. I noticed that Fringe Season 5 is out on DVD. I am not a downloader, so I am saving them all up to watch in one fell swoop.

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