1. Have watched all series of DWTS, it was great in the beginning but did loose a little momentum during the years, but this year it has come back strong again, and I think the judges are much better and the quality of dancers has increased. Thank you channel 7 for making it such an entertaining show.

  2. I have to admit that I stopped watching DWTS several seasons ago but have returned because I find the new judges and co-host refreshing! The standard of dancing has been excellent and I haven’t missed a show. Go Cosentino!!!

  3. @catherine, yes, I expect either Libby or in a major upset, Cosentino, to be eliminated next Tuesday. I am pretty sure after their performances last night that the final two will be Rhiannon & Tina. You never know, though. I heard Edwina being interviewed on radio about the show and she said the star with the most fans at the tapings is Cosentino, by a country mile. She said he is the only star who is routinely bombarded by fans after the cameras stop rolling. She said he stays back for ages signing autographs and having photos taken.

  4. Its a credit to 7 for keeping DWTS fresh and can still rate so well after all these seasons. Im pretty sure 9 passed up on the offer to have it when it first began.

    Also what they have got right is getting Edwina in as co host. She has been great.

  5. DWTS has been great this season and the top 4 that are left are all worthy winners. I expect Libby to go next week but you never know. At least now they get a week in between shows now.

    But they have got a lot right. The celebs have been good dancers or entertaining and the 2 new judges are fantastic and there is no serous arguing between them. It was funny watching Helen and Todd argue last night but it wasnt in a mean way.

  6. I thought it was nice that the finale of a ‘competition show (Recipe to Riches) ran to it’s allotted hour running time without heaps of filler.
    First time I have watched the show this series. I hope it will come back.

  7. If only all knew the real story behind what seemed a restrained performance last night by Libby….then you would be even more appreciative of her efforts and professionalism …..

  8. @MrJ, Libby has been in the bottom two several times. She has done exceedingly well to make it to the final four, though I thought Steve Hooker, who was eliminated last night, showed consistently better flair and dancing skill than her. Sportspeople, particularly female ones, don’t usually do brilliantly well on DWTS, with a few exceptions like Kouta. Tamsin Lewis and Kostya Tzu, so well done to the both of them for making it to the final five. Speaking of Kostya, did anyone else notice he was in the audience on Sunday’s show? I thought he had moved back to Russia.

  9. In a way I agree with The Moops, but I just wish they didn’t drag out the episodes so long. And the two nights a week meant that I didn’t watch every episode. But I certainly did enjoy what I saw of last nights.

  10. DWTS is the gift that keeps on giving. Nine years and thirteen series on and it is still consistently cracking in excess of 1M every week. Last nights show was absolutely fantastic, so entertaining and the standard of dancing is way superior to previous seasons. In fact, as someone who has watched the show from the beginning, I think this is the most consistently entertaining series yet. Congratulations to everyone involved in the show, you deserve the continued success that it is having.

  11. The Recipe to Riches finale was an appalling hour of prime time television. The show has clearly worked for “Woolies” (as they went to great lengths to refer themselves) who probably had more riding on it than the beleaguered network did. The supermarket giant shifted product and came across all warm, fuzzy and friendly. I think the only thing Ten got from the series was a few brownie points with a major sponsor – a rarity for them these days. Probably for this reason only, it will be back for a second attempt.

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