Final 2 in quest for The Bachelor

Ali OetjenModel Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith and criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich will vie for the affections of chiropractor Tim Robards after Ali Oetjen was eliminated in The Bachelor last night.

The 27 year old Real Estate Agent never disguised her desire to win his affections but was sent home after three one-on-one dates.

“I’m so grateful that I have met you and that we have had this journey together. I am so sorry that I have to say goodbye. I am incredibly lucky that I have been able to experience this with you and I will miss you,” said Robards.

“I would never for one second take back any moment that we spent together and I don’t regret that I love you and that I told you that I love you. I mean it,” she told him.

“You are an amazing, special guy with so much to offer and I hope that one girl offers you something amazing back and that you can have a fulfilling life together. I really hope all the best for you because you deserve it.”

“I take strength in everything that we have shared. It’s been absolutely amazing and I would do it all over again. Thanks for being on my life journey and creating a part of me.”

TEN’s reality series has accrued a following in social media and recently attracted positive ratings.

Next week Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith and Anna Heinrich travel to Thailand to see who will receive the final rose.


  1. She brought a lot of car crash moments to the show, and for that you have to give the casting people props. I’m happy for TEN that it’s finally started to do decent numbers and I hope it gets another season.

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