Long haul for Wake Up, Studio 10 as first ratings emphasise uphill battle

Wakeup_S4_279 - resizedTEN always knew it would be hard to make an impact with their new morning line-up -and they were right.

Yesterday Wake Up averaged just 52,000 viewers between 7-8:30am with more viewers watching in Brisbane (15,000) over Melbourne (13,000) and Sydney (11,000). These are similar to the kind of numbers the Paul-Henry led Breakfast attracted on a good day.

Another 29,000 watched the 6:30-7am portion which was coded separately.

Making direct comparisons is difficult due to the running times and OzTAM coding but here goes: Sunrise appeared unaffected with 368,000 and Today was 321,000 both for 7-9am. ABC News Breakfast was 59,000 / 29,000 for 6-9:30am across 2 channels.

TEN is endeavouring to put on a brave front, noting the show peaked at 89,000 and lifted the average 2013 audience in the timeslot by more than 300% -which really just underlines how appalling they did in 2012. Better to just get on with the job and take note of feedback (thanks to social media there was plenty).

Meanwhile Studio 10 averaged 61,000 from 8.30am to 10.30am while Studio 10 You dropped to 45,000 from 10:30 -11am. It too has a long way to go to impact on The Morning Show (189,000) and Mornings (135,000).

Nine network won the night with a 29.3% share then Seven 27.7%, ABC 21.2%, TEN 16.7% and SBS 5.1%.

Nine News topped the night with 1.14m viewers for Nine followed by The Big Bang Theory (1.13m / 944,000), Big Brother (992,000), A Current Affair (934,000), 2 Broke Girls (679,000), Hot Seat (600,000) and Two and a Half Men (436,000).

Seven News (1.03m) was best for Seven followed by Today Tonight (1.04m), The Blacklist (1.00m), Highway Patrol (871,000), Home and Away (868,000), Air Rescue (794,000), Million Dollar Minute (502,000) and Scandal (402,000).

Australian Story scored 864,000 for ABC1 then ABC News (833,000), 7:30 (802,000), Four Corners (718,000), Media Watch (622,000) and Q & A (584,000).

Mondays have not been kind to TEN of late. TEN Eyewitness News (603,000) was its best performer and The Project was (521,000). Once again, the rest trailed The Bold and the Beautiful (445,000) with A League of Their Own last in its slot at 326,000, Homeland on 323,000, The Simpsons on 296,000 and Blue Bloods on 224,000.

SBS ONE’s ominously titled Countdown to a Catastrophe (359,000) bettered TEN in the same timeslot. World News Australia was 180,000, Trapped in an Elevator was 134,000 and Legally Brown was 91,000.

ABC2’s The Hive (292,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 4 November 2013


  1. Watched a segment of Wake Up this morning and was surprised by how clunky it was. Given the delay in getting it on-air I thought they would have spent more time rehearsing and getting the show to flow more smoothly. Throwing to the newsreader in the screen was awkward and there were bad reflections in the screen, and an interview at the desk makes it look like they’re sitting in each other’s laps. Could they not have got a bigger desk? The girl with the “broad” accent is very difficult to listen to too. 6 minutes was enough for me at this stage.

  2. this is what in my opinion what ten/eleven should do they need to get rid of homeland out of a monday night & put it on a Wednesday its a Wednesday show there is hardly no competition for eleven they need to get rid of all the repeated crap like cheers,happy days brady bunch etc i thought eleven was a channel for younger/teens instead they put on really old shows they need to get new shows the only thing i watch on eleven is supernatural & american horror story & craig ferguson

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