Mad Men, Mythbusters caught in LAX shooting.

Two television show crews were caught up in the shooting at LAX International Airport.

2013-11-03_0148Mad Men was in filming an episode at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning when a gunman opened fire, killing a transit security screener and injuring at least one more before being wounded by police and taken into custody.

Dustin Woods, a key grip  tweeted that the series was filming in American Airlines’ Terminal 4 at LAX, one terminal away from where shots were fired.

We are filming at LAX. Gun fire. Locked down. Evacuating!—
Dustin Woods (@socalgrip) November 01, 2013

Still in lock down. #mydayinla http://t.co/1AgoU22fFR—
Dustin Woods (@socalgrip) November 01, 2013

It was believed to be the first day of filming on the next season. Variety reports AMC declined to comment.

Also caught up in the chaos were actor James Franco and Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci of Mythbusters (pictured), who were in Terminal 3 where the shooting occurred. Both were on their way to Delaware for the filming of a holiday special.

Imahara gave more specifics his tweets, revealing, “I was in the Virgin lounge upstairs. Saw everyone pour out of the terminal onto the tarmac. Then I heard shots fired outside.”

“Virgin promptly locked the lounge doors. About ten minutes later, LAPD armed with automatic weapons arrived to secure the area.”

“Grant and Tory are safe and being rerouted. Our thoughts are with all those affected by today’s tragedy and our gratitude goes out to the members of the LAPD, Airport Police, TSA, and Virgin America staff for restoring safety to the scene,” Discovery and Science Channel said in a statement.

More than 100 flights were delayed or cancelled because of the disruption.

US authorities identified the suspect as Paul Ciancia, 23, of Los Angeles.

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