Morning battle gaps extend

2013-11-12_1029You would think with two new offerings in the morning television genre that things would be getting tighter for everybody, but yesterday The Morning Show topped 200,000 while Studio 10 averaged 32,000.

It was similarly glum for Wake Up at 28,000 against Sunrise‘s 380,000 and Today‘s 335,000.

In primetime Big Bang topped the night, as viewers fish around for choice, but the evening went to Seven.

Seven network share was 29.0% then Nine 27.2%, ABC 22.4%, TEN 15.9% and SBS 5.5%.

Seven News was 1.24m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.06m), The Blacklist (1.03m), Highway Patrol (1.00m), Home and Away (993,000), Air Rescue (858,000), Million Dollar Minute (528,000) and Scandal (399,000).

The Big Bang Theory (1.29m / 959,000 / 852,000) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.25m),  A Current Affair (954,000), 2 Broke Girls (686,000), Hot Seat (651,000) and Two and a Half Men (455,000).

Australian Story (1.02m) won its timeslot for ABC1 then ABC News (944,000), Four Corners (923,000), 7:30 (899,000), Media Watch (788,000) and Q & A (631,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (670,000) led TEN followed by The Project (574,000). All else trailed The Bold and the Beautiful (450,000), Homeland (385,000), The Simpsons (361,000) and A League of their Own (328,000).

On SBS ONE Eat, Fast and Live Longer was 280,000 then Countdown to a Catastrophe (211,000), World News Australia (198,000), and Legally Brown (171,000).

Neighbours led ELEVEN at 334,000.

Sunrise: 380,000
Today: 335,000
ABC News Breakfast: 59,000 / 44,000
Wake Up: 28,000

The Morning Show: 200,000
Mornings: 132,000
Studio 10: 32,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 11 November 2013


  1. Ouch – losing half their viewers in a week isn’t something you can put a positive spin on. Wake Up needs to decide whether it’s news or entertainment – it’s obviously not working being both. Their best option to offer a true alternative is to go down the entertainment route, restricting news to the bulletins.

  2. Scandal is honestly the best show on TV right now. Channel Seven would’ve done well to flog promos over the Australian Open.

    Hindsight is 20/20 vision, oh well.

  3. The morning show and sunrise are in a class of their own the chemistry the hosts have on these show is unmatached .wake up is a good alternative just needs a bit of tweeking and needs time to grow . The set looks good the backdrop stunning just the hosts not so good ,the show needs kerri ann kenerley in there she has personality full of life and energy she has star quality with natasha belling and the male host forget his name . the news needs to be read live from the studio .dont like this delayed news service they have i always find myself switching over when the wake up news comes on . If its aimed at young people then management is wrong young people dont watch breakfast the long run the show will work. For now wake up needs to get some big name acts on the show to perform live and big star interviews which will force people to switch over if they had russell crowe or hugh…

  4. Wake up is not working. Have seen a little of the shows first 30 mins this week Devastation in The Philippines at the moment and no mention of any news topics in the first 30 mins apart from the local news. Just twitter stuff…who cares! What is it with three hosts? Breakfast was crowded too. Wake us is crowed too. Especially around the small desk. Use the couch more. It’s more welcoming. Desk is a barrier between the viewer and these hosts we are suppose to bond with. Natasha is good. James is as expected…Has no polish. Trash…used to like her on Project but yep….sorry…the voice is annoying. A real shame cause I was really looking forward to what it was going to be like. Go with two hosts. Keep Natasha and get Andrew Rockford in!!

  5. Why not have a show with personalities that have been tested and work in this country. You can not beat the tv people who came up in the 80’s. Why not put Kerri Anne back on a program at 9am and have issues which you can get your teeth into. We don’t need 6 short segments in 6 minutes. You need to have one issue per segment with intelligent hosts and talent. It’s the content which produces clever TV. At the moment, producers are all very young and just don’t know what variety tv is about. It’s all youtube based. You need to do things properly CH 10. Get a show run by KAK and John Foreman on a piano and you’ve got 6 years solid income. It’s simple.

  6. @GregAus – Studio 10 has already hit Zero in Perth for it’s final 15 minutes on it’s launch date! I don’t know how Wakeup has gone but it was at 1000 in Perth at 7am on it’s launch date. Timezones play a big part in this.

  7. I don’t deny that Breakfast was a massive flop, but it rated better than Wake Up, with lower production costs and no promotion. Opinions over Henry and the shows’ content are irrelevant, it would have made much better business sense to keep Breakfast instead of the path ten have taken.

  8. Armchair Analyst

    People like to find one show and they generally stick to it. Its going to be a long haul for Network TEN, Lachlan has done so much damage to that Network.

  9. I believe Studio10 will build a healthy audience in time. It’s a high quality, slick production that looks like it’s been on air for years, not days. People just need to find it and word of mouth will build.

    However, something is wrong with Wake Up. From that claustrophobic desk cramming in the three hosts to the content, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not completely broken so let’s hope they can tweak the formula over Summer and start providing some decent competition to the clones on 9 and 7.

  10. TEN should cut their losses now and cancel Wake Up, it’s clearly going nowhere, and is now rating less than when Breakfast with Paul Henry was cancelled.

    If TEN management had any brains they would cancel Wake Up, plus all their recently failed 9:30 shows, and put all that money into a big prime-time series that at least has a chance of lifting their share.

    Their logic was Wake Up would provide a good promotional platform for their prime-time schedule, sorry guys, those 28,000 viewers will have absolutely no impact on lifting your prime-time ratings.

    The fact is, TEN has gone backwards since Hamish McLennan became CEO… fact!

  11. @ Mr J… Paul Henry was an unmitigated disaster, put in place by Lachlan Murdoch to be a broadcast mouthpiece for his (& his father’s) right wing ideology. He was throughly unlikeable.

    Whilst I think both Wake Up and Studio Ten are terrible shows (something I wish I wasn’t saying as I really did want to like at least the former), let us not forget that Breakfast too had ratings at times as low as zero in one city (Perth I think it was). Both these shows need time to work, but I seriously question the location of Wake Up and some of the casting. I think Ten are way off on a number of counts.

  12. @ Mr J

    I doubt if many viewers would have persisted with Paul Henry after the seasonal break, and doubt if Ten would have kept him on during the seasonal break, because regardless of his numbers that were more than likely made up by a majority of viewers who did not like him, and only watched him to see how obnoxious Ten would allow him to become, I know I certainly did, and if Ten had persisted over the break, even I would not let Ten spoil my festive season as well.

    If you want to really see Ten crash and burn, just bring Paul Henry back to Ten, to pop up in the myriad of shows recycling many so called personalities.

  13. daveinprogress

    Bazza, I agree with you about Ms Exelby, but David (Reyne) had no skill as a presenter, i felt he was carried by Kim Watkins. The chemistry does need to be there. but there are too many players now – the market is not that big that it can sustain this many shows before midday. Boland or no Boland, it won’t work. Ten should really be developing prime time strategies and disaster mitigation.

  14. Looked in on Wake Up today during a cross promotion for Recipe to Riches.
    These are supposed to be professionals but it looks like they are just out of their depth.
    Even I enjoyed parts of Breakfast (the parts without Paul Henry) but I can’t find anything to like with this show.
    It looked like a high school tv show made by teenagers – like a lot of shows on Ten lately.

  15. You’d have thought after the last attempt that they’d have realised you need people with good personalities, a sense of humour, chemistry together and some actual presentation skills.

    What they have is Natasha Exelby, who thinks she is amusing, yet sadly isn’t, and can’t read an auto-cue without fumbling every 4th word… Plus two other people who seem affable enough, but completely lack on-screen “presence”.

    They appear to be aiming for a younger market, however people under 30 don’t watch the news on TV these days. All they really have to do is look back at their old morning offerings, from the 80’s up to about 10 years ago. Those were quite successful shows. It’s hard to beat having skilful presenters, such as David and Kim.

  16. There was no Plan B when rain washed out Wake Up and the crossover for Studio 10. They should have kept the Nipper Challenge to a minimum and filled the show with something else. Epic fail.

  17. That drop for Ten’s morning lineup is to be expected. Ita traveling to Studio 10 by boat was ridiculous, but was also quite amusing.

    The biggest problem was the way in which the Million Dollar Nipper challenge was executed. I know the weather was terrible, but it should have been handled by the team a lot better. All 3 of them seemed lost, and the whole show looked clumsy on the whole.

    Wait until tomorrow’s figures drop even lower. Please come back soon Boland!

  18. Last week wake ups premiere was 60k and the ratings report said it was 300% up on the existing schedule of trashy import repeats. Now it’s lost half it’s premiere audience it’s looking like Wake up isn’t doing much better than those shows. $Multi million investment for an extra 9,000 viewers in the morning, should’ve stuck with Paul henry.

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