Music trio wins Australia’s Got Talent

ujSublime music trio, the quirkily-named, Uncle Jed has won Australia’s Got Talent.

The trio from Sydney defeated Greg Gould and The Chase for the top prize of $250,000.

Brisbane dance crew Academy of Brothers were eliminated third.

Uncle Jed’s Laura Stitt and cousins Danny and Shannon Stitt captivated from their first appearance in the very first episode, with a mix of funk, soul, reggae and jazz.

“It’s been an incredible ride! Thanks for all your support and for getting us this far!” they posted on Facebook.

Nine’s series has struggled to pop this season, with Seven counter-programming The X Factor against its own former show.

The Live Decider included performances from judges Timomatic and Geri Halliwell.


  1. Thought Greg Gould was better but still a good winner. Swagamama were my favourites from the whole series.
    I personally thought that Geri was great last night. Maybe Mel B will come back if it doesn’t clash with America’s Got Talent.

  2. I think the production values made it seem like it was made on the cheap compared to the X Factor. Judges were good, compere was good, acts were a good mix – only I feel there is too much gap between seeing them in the heats to seeing them in the finals to then seeing them in the Grand Final, so viewers lose connection with them.

    But that is the format, I guess not much can be done. Making sure it does not clash with X Factor is the only other imperative for next year.

  3. A few observations: Geri Halliwell wouldn’t make it past the first stage of AGT, Xfactor or the Voice. Very mediocre performance by her last night.
    AGT could be better with a few categories. Music acts are always favoured. It’s arguable that non music acts are just providing some entertainment without any serious chance of winning. They aren’t marketable nor can grow their appeal with use of iTunes like Uncle Jed.
    To have music groups competing against other categories is like comparing apples and oranges. Maybe they could have a few different categories and have some smaller prizes then overall prize.

  4. Worthy winners, they are a really fantastic trio. Laura’s voice is fantastic and I love their songs and musicianship. AGT really has struggled this year, despite the fact that it uncovered some amazing acts. Loved the final three, but Oscar & Joshua, SwaggerMama and Raymond Lowe were also of first prize winning standard. The only annoyance in the Final 8 was that Salty Rain nonsense that should never have made it beyond the first audition.

    I know it has been renewed for 2014, so I hope like hell that X-Factor or the Voice isn’t programmed against it again, it is sad when talent shows cannibalise each others ratings by going up against each other. Loved Julia, Dawn, Timomatic and Kyle, was not fussed on Geri at all.

  5. They’re very smart people. Every song they sang on AGT they released on iTunes just prior to each episode they appeared in. If you look at the release dates for their covers of ‘Brother’, ‘Give Me Love’ and ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ they were all released just days before they performed them on AGT.

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