Newspaper reveals ABC salaries

A newspaper has published the salaries of high profile ABC execs and talent under a Freedom of Information request.

abcsoNormally when you read those articles about how much a celebrity at a network earns, it’s an educated guess -or it’s based on previously-published speculation.

But today The Australian has published the salaries of high profile ABC execs and talent.

For three years the ABC has tried to block Freedom of Information requests seeking the same, arguing that the publication of such information could make staff ‘poachable’ by cashed-up commercial networks.

The extensive list begins with Managing Director Mark Scott and works its way down to the Head of Publicity. There are all sorts of execs named along the way plus top ABC talent in television and radio. Yes, we really needed to know how much the Head of Transmission Network Services earned. Or the Head of Information Technology.

Of course, The Australian has a history of locking horns with the ABC. Might be something to do with free news vs. paywalls.

While the info may well be dated, it could now make for some frosty relationships between ABC colleagues.

And yet all of this on the same day it publishes another article in which Kerry Stokes says execs must be paid well or they will be lost.


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  1. @Jason – I believe the plan was for her to host the 6pm News in Sydney – apparently Sam Chisholm went after her fairly hard but for whatever reason it never happened (possibly the change over to E Mc G as CEO)

    Its detailed in one of Gerald Stone’s books – maybe Who Killed Ch9 if i am not mistaken

  2. @Bass_A- “Juanita should’ve migrated to Ch9 years ago”. And do what? Low-rent Sunday morning program? Tracey’s side-kick on ACA. Quality journalism and Channel 9 don’t mix anymore. That ended when KP died.

  3. I think the public have a right to know, and the ABC is just as left leaning as News is right leaning so they kinda cancel each other out.

    Curious to see Tony Jones at the top of the tree, not bad at all, Juanita should’ve migrated to Ch9 years ago where she would’ve got 4 or 5x that salary she is on now.

  4. Interesting numbers. Wow Jon Faine does well, but he is very good at what he does and hopefully Leigh Sales has had a bit of an increase as she is one of the very best. Media Watch was a bit pricey for just a 15 min show, but the rest seem fair value, especially when compared to the so called ‘talent’ on comm chs….

  5. Please ease up on the forced outrage. They are public servants being paid from the public purse. Every other public servant’s wages are common knowlegde based on their classification etc (and more specifically if you dig a little deeper) and the ABC should be open to the same public scrutiny given it is the public broadcaster

  6. Be in no doubt – News Corp will continue its relentless attack on the ABC with even more vigour now that it has a federal government in its pocket. How long before the cuts to ABC funding and changes to the board begin. Don’t let it happen Australia!

  7. I doubt anyone at ABC will be surprised what their colleagues are getting

    Assuming that the ABC has the same pay structure as all public service departments, so there is a need for transparency within the department on salaries

    This will be old news to them

  8. The ABC gets good value out of their staff, including the upper echelon, high profile ones. Tony Jones, Leigh Sales and Kerry O’Brien et al are at the top of their respective games and are worth their salaries. And then some.

  9. And tomorrow The Australia will release a list of the salaries of their top Reporters and Editors.
    And the day after Hell will Freeze Over!!

    I dont really see any point in their story. People are paid….. So what

  10. How interesting that a news limited newspaper with biased right wing views publishes the salaries of the public broadcaster.sounds like sour grapes to me ABC salaries pale into insignificance compared to free tv stations look at karl stefanovic and kochie earn some one million each just to present breakfast tv.how is there any justification for that .At least ABC provides a fair and balanced view and reporting not the biased rubbish from news limited tabloids.

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