Nine unhappy over legal letter

2013-11-21_1708Lawyers acting on behalf of Today executive producer Neil Breen have contacted his former employer News Corp Australia over concerns about a planned article in the Daily Telegraph.

The move had media talking.

The Australian reports lawyer Mark O’Brien wrote to editorial director Campbell Reid over plans for an article about the show’s ratings performance since a change to make it more female-friendly.

This follows previous bad publicity regarding on-set tension, much of which the talent acknowledges is behind them.

But there may also be much to read into the settling of scores, given the various players.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports execs at Nine were furious over the legal move.

Meanwhile, Studio 10 suggested Breen was already “out of the chair.”

TV Tonight can confirm this is incorrect.

However, Nine does not want to be seen to be picking fights with News Corp ahead of its company float and the move did not go down well.

Time will tell whether things cool or rise to a crescendo, but news management is being left to Nine’s Head of News and Current Affairs Darren Wick, despite Breen’s rapport with CEO David Gyngell.

That’s probably the best way to go. After all, people management skills count for a lot in this biz.

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  1. Breen will be removed regardless the outcome.
    He has proven divisive too often, he has a too cosy relationship with Stefanovic and is damaging the brand.

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