No lift yet for TEN morning shows

2013-10-15_1056It could be a long week for TEN’s new morning shows with Monday figures not showing any lift on last week. This comes in the same as TEN’s Upfronts to advertisers and media, which takes place tonight.

Here’s the way the numbers stacked up:

Sunrise: 378,000
Today: 338,000
ABC News Breakfast: 66,000 / 44,000
Wake Up: 27,000

The Morning Show: 169,000
Mornings: 135,000
Studio 10: 31,000

Both numbers for TEN were almost identical to last Monday (28,000 / 32,000), and both were actually pipped by their half hour editions Wake Up Early (38,000) and Studio 10 YOU (38,000).

Executive Producer Adam Boland returns to Wake Up this Thursday and is looking forward to work.

The night belonged to Seven with a network share of 29.4% then Nine 28.5%, ABC 20.1%, TEN 16.5% and SBS 5.4%.

Seven News was 1.26m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.1m), Home and Away (1.04m), The Blacklist (1.03m), Highway Patrol (1.02m), Air Rescue (866,000), Million Dollar Minute (560,000) and Scandal (366,000).

The Big Bang Theory (1.23m / 1.66m / 568,000) led Nine followed by Nine News (1.23m), A Current Affair (1.09m), 2 Broke Girls (719,000), Hot Seat (683,000) and Two and a Half Men (509,000).

ABC News (875,000) was best for ABC1 then Australian Story (855,000), 7:30 (798,000), Four Corners (688,000), Media Watch (573,000), Q & A (427,000) and Auction Room (290,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (667,000) led TEN followed by Modern Family (564,000 / 501,000), The Project (515,000), The Bold and the Beautiful (483,000), Homeland (411,000) and The Simpsons (295,000). Blue Bloods was 248,000.

On SBS ONE it was The Truth About Fat (327,000), Countdown to a Catastrophe (220,000), World News Australia (170,000) and Legally Brown (165,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 291,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 18 November 2013


  1. What a moron Natasha is – They are interviewing the spokesperson from PETA from banning live exports, then Natasha ends the interview by saying ” looking forward to having a beefburger with you” …. you can see the look of bewilderment on the spokesperson’s face …. boot Natasha …… moron!

  2. One thing i hate about wake up and stopped me watching is that delayed news service from a melbourne prison and nula reading the news. It looks silly ,she does not look comfortable. We want live news read in the studio .and exelby should be the sports reader. She is Still not comfortale with co hosting duties

  3. I’m lousy at maths so can’t claim I understand how the OZTAM figures represent the whole country. I do however spend a lot of time reading social media, newspapers and tv industry related websites and there is just not a lot of buzz about 10 programmes, there hasn’t been for a long time. There has been a bit of chat about The Bachelor and talk about the poor ratings of the morning shows but that’s it. When 7 & 9 have Dancing, X Factor, AGT, Big Brother, etc screening, they are all over Twitter, Facebook, et al – the new ‘water coolers’. This to me indicates the ratings are probably correct – if people aren’t ‘talking’ about a show, they’re probably not watching it.

  4. Looks like further proof the ratings system is corrupt, overall Ten loses too many times & they are simply not that bad. I do not believe those figures for Wake Up.

  5. @ Bass_A – You missed out by turning off as after the cricket questions the show opened up delving into very important issues like rape and equity that provoked a much more animated discussion.

    On the cricket questions, even as a cricketing fan, dedicating half of the first 20mins to cricket after espousing that we shouldn’t be stereotyping Indians as just curry and cricket was a bit odd. Sachin has just retired though so it was bound to be brought up, plus there had to be some cricket questions to justify MacGill’s inclusion, although he did make a valid point about Narendra Modi late in the discussion.

    Hopefully the ABC will be open to doing one episode a year in another country, as it was the first time I’d watched the show in months and really enjoyed it.

  6. Studio 10 really is a quality show. Hopefully people will start tuning in. I’ve never been a fan of Sarah Harris but she has really shone since joining Ten.

    As for Wake Up, I was really hoping this show would be a success but in it’s current format I can’t see it gaining viewers at all. The hosts just don’t click. For me Natarsha Belling is the pick. James Mathieson appears to be in a coma most days and his constant put downs towards Natasha Exelby are hard to watch. Natasha is a lot of fun but she seems way out of her depth. But the biggest problem is the lack of content. Changes need to be made. Matt Doran & Natarsha would be a good combo.

  7. @Joey69

    The households with an OzTam meter are not swayed in their viewing by the simple presence of the meter. If they swap out all current households and introduce another batch, the result would be the same… within the statistical margin of error.

  8. wake up just has the same old tired tabloid points of discussion. i was hoping for some more depth in the show but its just like sunrise without eddy. they try to be cool but theyre not. dissaponting

  9. Again it is with great amusement that people on this site forecast the end of a 3rd FTA network in Australia due to some ratings that have been questionable for quite some time. As a smart lot we should not be surprised that the current figures for a TEN program are low. IMHO the current sample at OZTAM have made their minds up quite clearly on what network and shows they watch. We need a complete change of sample and I mean change every 3528 OZTAM meters so we can truly see if the numbers that OZTAM supply us are a true reflection of what us Aussie watch.

  10. The numbers seem to be a bit fishy for MDM and Hot Seat. MDM has picked up, but equally also HS has picked up, therefore MDM has not gained anything. It is like extra viewers have come out of nowhere, usually going into summer the total viewer numbers fall, but in the last two weeks have risen.

  11. Had to laugh at the heading, ‘No lift YET for 10 morning shows.’
    It may come in handy this time next year if they are determined not to axe these two expensive flops.
    It’s going to be a nervous night tonight when TEN confronts the shareholders and what advertisers they have left. Very few of the upcoming programs will be major ratings successes and the majority will bomb.

    ‘Twas only five years ago TEN’s profits were greater than 7 and 9 combined, now they’re nothing but a cot case and sadly the end is near.

  12. Secret Squirrel

    @Billy C – I have it on good authority that the trench wasn’t for laying cable, Ten were actually looking for their ratings numbers.

    However, on a +ve note, I watched Homeland live last night and it’s really kicked up a notch the last couple of eps. It was poss the first (or second) ep where I didn’t feel that Brody’s presence was missing and then… there he was.

    Then I switched straight over to a riveting ep of Breaking Bad. Now I have to wait a whole week for the mid-season finale.

  13. The main thing I do not like about Wake Up, is the commercial breaks, as they play twice in every break a commercial for Sharpe Electricians with Phil and Amity Dry, and they are terrible and painful to listen to. Always have to channel flick or mute when commercials come up.
    I do think the show would work better without Natasha, and I see no need for a guest twitterer each day.

  14. Yesterday’s episode of studio 10 was on point, the show was firing on all cylinders. The chemistry is really strong and ita is now in the conversation more and the discussions were very interesting

  15. Any executives are kidding themselves if they think this show is going to increase to acceptable levels. Very few flop shows or mega-flop shows have ever increased and that is despite some of them being loved by critics and fans like The Circle. A show is never going to increase without positive word of mouth, or atleast a point of difference to the current offerings.
    This show was in pre production for almost a year, high budget sci-if dramas often don’t get that, how could Wake Up dish such a rough product?

  16. Ouch for the Q&A number…. sometimes I feel this show in trying different things loses direction.

    Way too much cricket talk last night so I switched off halfway through. plus if you aren’t part of their “twitter clique” you don’t seem to get anything up on screen

  17. I work afternoons so i watch morning tv every day! I was getting tired of what 7 & 9 were offering each day, now much to my delight i have something new to watch on 10 while getting ready for work!
    Some people have dismissed the new offerings after watching it for a few minutes complaining about the littlest of things but i’ve been watching since day dot to let it breathe & i haven’t looked back since!
    Hope the show grows & people embrace the new offerings we have on morning tele!

  18. Enjoying Studio 10 but Wake Up is still clunky. Natasha Exelby (I love) seems uncomfortable and Natarsha Belling does most of the talking. I think the panel would work better with Matt Doren, Belling, Matheson and Neula Hafner, with Exelby reading the news. I’d scrap the awkard local news and just have a national news (but maybe maintain up to date news for WA and SA). I think Wake Up has huge potential but just don’t think the host dynamic is quite working (they almost try too hard sometimes) and the content needs to be smoother and more interesting. The hosts are all likeable but need to positioned in the right roles. Would love to see this show grow.

  19. Wake Up deserves those ratings as it is quite dull and overall very average. At least Breakfast was funny and informative – albeit polarising.

    Studio 10 is a whole lot better than The Morning Show and Mornings. Hopefully viewers figure that out in the coming months.

    Could be a long summer for Boland, McKnight, and Co.

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