Paul Barry reveals salary on Media Watch

2013-11-26_1045On the final Media Watch for the year, host Paul Barry commented on the ABC salaries leak, with a pointed reference to Andrew Bolt’s recent remarks, linking it to the spying scandal leak:

“Bloody Bloody ABC hypocrites,” Bolt wrote in News Corp.

“The ABC seriously thinks what it pays its stars is a bigger secret than what our spies do to protect Australians.”

On Media Watch Barry said,

“Last week the Daily Telegraph asked me ‘in the spirit of openness’ to tell them what I earned and I said I’d be happy to do so, if Andrew Bolt revealed his salary too.

Sadly, we’re still waiting for a response on that one. It seems he’s a lot less open than I am.

“But on consideration I’ve decided to go it alone. My salary is coming up on the screen. If you’re shocked just avert your eyes.”

Up flashed the number $191, 259.

“Your turn next Mr Bolt. I bet yours is bigger than mine.”

Of course, Barry is employed by the government and Bolt works in the private sector -but it was an amusing moment nonetheless.


  1. It does seem a lot for what the role involves, given that it’s not just him putting it together.

    @eastwest101, the method of paying Bolt and Barry differs, but the money is coming from much the same people. Every time you buy something from someone that advertises in the Herald Sun, you’re paying for Bolt. Indeed, some tax dollars do pay for Bolt’s columns, because the federal and Victorian governments advertise in his paper.

  2. @eastwest101

    Cost to taxpayers for Andrew Bolt once you factor in his direct and indirect influence over Liberal Party environmental policy: $ billions

  3. @eastwest101, not valid, everyone pays for everything, you pay Bolt’s wages the same as Barry’s.

    Don’t give me the choice rubbish either, you have no control over what the people and companies you pay spend it on.

  4. Brilliant episode last night .this is one of my favourite shows i watch it every monday..great episode last night.barry is worth ever cent of his pay.he brings balance to australias media and keeps those right wing shock jocks like bolt and jones ,hadley and fordham honest.

  5. And there is a whole team that puts it together including an EP who runs it.

    Hosting Media Watch is a part-time job. Hosts have continued to work at their other jobs while doing it. Holmes was still writing for the SMH and Littlemore still practiced law.

    Barry is probably still writing books and on staff or Crickey.

    Just like Kohler wrote for the Australian and ran his own website for financial news and information while doing the finance reports for ABC News.

  6. Absolute gold! Got to love media watch sticking it up to the shock jocks and so called commentators. However nearly $200K for doing a 15 minute show each week!?!?

  7. bettestreep2008

    What a strange figure. Couldn’t they have just rounded it up to $191,300?

    And I agree with Paul, Bolt’s salary would be definitely higher – probably 7 figures – and huge bonuses for every nasty rightwing article he gets published.

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