Paul Murray signs new deal with SKY News

Paul Murray has signed a new long-term deal with SKY News which will see him in further appearances on the channel.

2013-11-04_1116Paul Murray has signed a new long-term deal with SKY News which will see him in further appearances on the channel, as he exits 2UE.

Australian News Channel Chief Executive, Angelos Frangopoulos said: “I’m really pleased that Paul will be joining us full time on SKY News from 2014 allowing him to focus on a national audience and expand his program commitments to us. We’ll be making further announcements about Paul’s extended duties when we unveil our 2014 programming line-up.”

Paul Murray said: “Paul Murray Live is right where we want it and is ready to take to the next level. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got to make that happen. I’m eternally grateful to Angelos and SKY News for giving me the freedom to do produce such a unique show.”

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  1. Andy G, Shock Jocks are there basically to sell products to a buch of scared people to make them feel happy. When people are happy, they spend less. So the Jocks like Paul Murray put the fear into the listener, then there hoping that the listener runs off to purchase the product that their “Trusted Shock Jock” promotes on their programme. It’s all right wing [email protected] Sky News is just following a modified radio/ Fox News formula. .

  2. Would some of you please do your research before blurting our typical “hate media” outbursts. Sky News is owned 33% by Nine, 33% by Seven and 33% by BSkyB, of which Fox owns 39% (for those counting at home that means that Fox owns approximately 13% of Sky news)

    It can hardly be said that Sky News is the mouthpiece of the right. When Rudd was given the choice for moderator of the recent televised debates, he said no to the original choice, Chris Ulhman from the ABC and insisted on David Spears. When Gillard chose the one person to interview her just before Rudd’s challenge, it wasn’t to channel 7 or ABC 24 it was to Sky news

    Yes Murray is a self confessed “conservative” but he is upfront in his view, which makes it good television. His guests regularly include “Left Wing” panellists such as Mark Latham, Mark Davis, Nicholas Reece and Anthony McClellan etc.


  3. I disagree with Paul on a number of political issues but he is one of the most altogether most decent and friendly human beings and loves to put contrarian views on his own show. sweet guy. wish him well.

  4. The reason Paul Murray has never rated ion radio is because he spouts the same ultra right wing, conservative viewpoint as every other low rent shock jock out there. He just doesn’t do it as well. He’s pitiful as a talkback host, it really is not his bag at all.

  5. Somewhat surprised by all the Paul M haters.
    Seems like a genuine sensible bloke. I’ve enjoyed him on 2UE when I’ve listened a bit and PM Live when I’ve watched. I thought he might break through the old school talk back jocks but he didn’t rate. Meanwhile A Jones goes through the roof…. go figure.

  6. I don’t watch him anymore. He said something last year on the radio when I was driving home from work that made me never want to listen to his views again. I was disgusted. He does remind me too of deryn hinch. At 9pm I used to watch fox and friends over on 604. What have they done to that show? You decide? Please they talk endelessly about obama care and not much else now. I do miss mama mia that sky would have on Friday nights, shame she couldn’t do the show this year.

  7. A woeful performer.I can’t stand him.Rupert Murdoch and Andrew Bolt would love his right wing views.He talks over everybody and doesn’t let his guests talk very much.He so loves the sound of his voice.He looks like he could the love child of Derryn Hinch and Barbara Bush

  8. Unsurprising considering Paul Murray Live is often in the top 20 Foxtel programs.

    I’m more surprised Sky News haven’t found a nightly program to complement it and try to piggy back off the ratings. The rotation of politically-skewed 8pm shows, and Sportsnight at 10pm don’t seem to rate anywhere near PM Live.

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