Rumour (again): Rove to host Blankety Blanks?

Update: Is Blankety Blanks the new 6pm family entertainment show coming to TEN?

2013-11-25_2201It was back in September that whispers of a Rove-led Blankety Blanks revival for 6pm on TEN first emerged.

Then last week the network announced an ‘unnamed 6pm family entertainment show.’

TEN has been seeking to keep details under wraps so as not to tip off the opposition -but the other two are busy with News at 6pm anyway.

TV Tonight is hearing very loud tom tom drums that Rove McManus will act as host on the show’s revival for 2014.

McManus and Tasma Walton recently announced they are expecting their first child, so a new TV project might fit well with family plans to stay put in one base.

The series is also expected to have FremantleMedia’s involvement given they own the rights to the former Grundy production.

Blankety Blanks was originally hosted in Australia by Graham Kennedy on TEN and subsequently by Daryl Somers and Shane Bourne in two separate revivals.

In a recent reader poll, it was only outranked by Sale of the Century / Temptation and Spicks and Specks as the “Best Game / Quiz Show ever.

UPDATE: Token Artists has denied Rove McManus and Roving Enterprises are involved with Blankety Blanks.

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