Spin-off talk for How I Met Your Father?

CBS may keep its How I Met Your Mother brand alive with talk of a spin-off show.

2013-11-01_0120With How I Met Your Mother set to end in the US, there is talk that CBS hopes to keep the brand alive.

Deadline reports:

Referred to as How I Met Your Father, the spinoff hails from HIMYM creators/executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator/exec producer Emily Spivey.

It would feature a new group of New York friends and chronicle a female member of the group’s quest to meet her future husband. I hear the new characters could be introduced in the HIMYM series finale, and Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin’s favorite hangout, MacLaren’s Pub, may be featured on the new show, serving as a link between the two gangs.

The premise, which is not tied to any of the original HIMYM characters, gives Bays, Thomas and Spivey a clean slate to build new characters and relationships. The trio, who will co-write and executive produce the spinoff, share a background — they all started in late-night and worked on New York-based late-night shows (Late Show for Bays and Thomas, Saturday Night Live for Spivey) before transitioning to primetime comedy series.

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  1. HIMYM is is the same as Friends. The Mother bit was just a gimmick that allowed them to tie things together a voice over and after 5 seasons Ted meets some random girl – the end.

    You could do that again with an entirely new set of characters but do we need a copy of a copy of Friends?

    The real story is about Marshall and Lily having a family and Barney and Robin getting together and marrying. Which is why the final season is their weekending weekend (and the penultimate season foreshadowing that).

    And it has worked surprisingly well. Even Segel being unavailable for filming worked well because they made the B stories him getting to the wedding.

    Both HIMYM and 30 Rock are going out with good seasons, much funnier than the preceding few seasons that were looking very predictable.

  2. I have really enjoyed this season of HIMYM and have found it much better than seasons 7 and 8. I would give a spinoff a solid shot, I enjoyed the show The Goodwin Games which only lasted 7 episodes on FOX, but was made by the creators of HIMYM

  3. I agree with Cam Reed. It would be much cooler to make a spin-off about Ted’s wife’s side of the story. There would be very little overlap with HIMYM so there’d be enough fresh content but at the same time, there’d be loads of potential links to the original series. The overlapping scenes/episodes may even be able to be watched in tandem – the same events from different perspectives.

    This needs to be happen!

  4. This sounds a little like that last series of The Secret Life of Us.
    The one where they introduced an entirely new set of characters who had apparently always lived in the same apartment block, but who had never been seen or even mentioned before.

  5. Even after 8 years of this show. I bet there’d be groups shouting the show is sexist and out dated saying a woman needs a husband to be complete.

    Ok here is why it wouldn’t work. Ted is an erudite douche bag and that’s kind of needed for the show to work. He’s got so many strange interests and quirks. That it’s of course it’s not easy to find someone perfectly suited to him.

    I just could never see them making the main female character of a sitcom like this. Just the basic, cliche, ‘unlucky in love’ despite being absolutely adorable and lovely. Any quirks will be cute, not lame like Ted’s. They’ll then always blame the men for being the flawed ones.

    So yeah I don’t think it’d work as well.

  6. It’s How I Met Your Mother — they can always have them meet earlier later. The Arrow of Time is not something they feel obliged to rigorously follow.

    It will probably fail — most US sitcoms that don’t get a lead from TBBT struggle these days.

  7. Around Season 5/6 I started thinking they should have had Ted finish his talk with the children and the Mother walk in and say “That isn’t how we met at all,” and then started a new series from her side of the story (calling it How I Met your Father).

    Not sure about a completely new cast, the last seasons from 5/6 onwards have kind of spent the idea for me, then I liked Up All Night and didn’t mind Emily Spivey’s work on King Of The Hill either.

  8. I certainly hope this does not go ahead, the creators have clearly run out of ideas, as the current and last two seasons of HIMYM have been terrible and so unfunny. The only reason I am still watching is because there is an end ahead finally.

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