Tassie lights up with Kids Live

2013-11-15_1031Good to hear some news from the apple isle.

Southern Cross Television has been filming a new variety show Kids Live, at the Playhouse Theatre in Hobart this week.

Five episodes featuring 24 kids aged 10-16, from local performing arts academy ExitLeft will air in prime-time during Christmas week.

The Mercury reports a pilot episode was filmed and aired late last year, but the production deal was only confirmed 17 days ago, meaning it has been a frantic fortnight for the cast and crew.

“What has been very exciting is that our young performers have managed to pull everything together in just two and a half weeks,” director Ian Williams said.

“There are definitely some kids in this show who are destined to have national and even international careers.”

He hopes future series will be screened nationally.

“Not only is this truly Tasmanian content, but the show has the potential to be broadcast around Australia,” he said.


  1. In Tas after aggregation we only had 2 stations. Tas Digital Tv is co-owned by Sth Cross Media & Win. Runs TEN programming.
    So this has actually been made for 7.
    We too get the pointless 45 sec newsbreak where he battles with the auto cue. Battles is being polite too!

  2. You get “2 min news updates” from SC TEN. I think it’s closer to 30-secs, with the worst autocue reader in the country – past and present. (Watching in NSW).
    Not following why “assuming 7 may have kicked in some coin”.
    This would be very cheap to produce, but at least SC TEN’s doing something, albiet very small compared to what TNT9 & TVT6 used to do when they were locally-owned.

  3. @Monash I’m assuming 7 may have kicked in some coin. And they’d have got the Playhouse Theatre cheap, kids wouldn’t be being paid etc.
    Here in Tas we receive a 30 min bulletin from SC and WIN. TEN provide a pointless 2 min news break (poor fella struggles with the auto cue), I assume they’re the SC bulletins you refer to?

  4. As great as it is to see some investment in regional programming, how can Southern cross devote some much time and money into one broadcast area when they leave others with nothing but those crappy 2 minute news updates?!?!

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