The Block: Look ma no walls…!

2013-08-03_2316Every year networks talk up their shows as being bigger and better than the last season -most of which you have to take with a grain of salt.

Finding ways to reinvent the wheel and up the stakes is surely a producer’s challenge.

The Block has gone from apartments, to houses, back to apartments, renovating an entire motel, bringing back previous contestants etc.

Next year there will again be two seasons (and two versions of The Voice). It’s a risky move because it may bring on audience fatigue, but Nine’s thinking is to strike while the brand is hot -plus it has ditched Celebrity Apprentice in 2014 so there are hours needing to be filled.

The first season of The Block is again in Melbourne, in Albert Park. This is the “Fans vs Favourites” seasons, pitting new contestants against former.

The kicker this season is that the building they must renovate into townhouses is a complete shell.

No floors. No interior walls. Nada. Zilch.

Of course, teams have also drawn upon tradies to get their renovations completed (and even the odd penthouse), so no doubt they’ll be doing that again.

Nine hasn’t detailed its second season just yet, but it’s rumoured to involve an office / townhouse in Prahran.


  1. How much work do the fans or favorites actually do? Its nearly all the tradies work, which is quite deceiving and two shows in one year, cant channel 9 find anything else to show on TV. Oh I forgot they could have more repeats of the Big Bang theory.

  2. @kushkook & @Loz- Same! I can’t wait either!
    It’ll be great to have two seasons. I’m hoping that we see less of the challenges and more of the reno.

  3. Can’t wait.

    Fans v Favourites seems redundant because the people on the regular series are obviously fans of the show that’s why they applied. I’d like another straight All Stars series. Amity v Jenna last season was gold!

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