Were you Paying Attention 20 years ago?

TEN’s new Sunday quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention? may have had its roots in The Late Show two decades ago.

In this clip Tom Gleisner is asking panelists questions about the news events of the week.


  1. I deleted the show just after the third question, there was really nothing good about it.

    First they kill off the hilarious Santo, Sam and Ed podcast when it was massively improved with Rob replacing Ed who even on Get This was never all that funny. Then the TV show comes back and it’s half the length it needs to be and therefore feels very rushed and lacking in content. And now they have this show which is nothing more than a bastardised version of the quiz from the podcast.

  2. Watched the first episode and quiet like it.

    It is an extension of a segment that was part of the “Santo, Sam and Ed” podcasts Working Dog put out between Nov 2012 and May 2013. I assume testing the waters.

  3. I watched this on Sunday night and thought it was pretty weak. I prefer the UK panel shows to this game show. The jokes were not good minus a couple along the way. What was worst was the final question being a plug for Wake Up.

  4. Yes we were paying attention 20 years ago, it was funny and fresh then, unfortunately other pale imitations with a lack of imagination have sort of ruined it now.

  5. Im surprised that there hasn’t been more chatter on this site about Are you paying attention getting below 300,000 on Sunday night – Seriously, ten (pardon the pun)…. this is bloody awful …….

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