2013 ratings: everybody up at TEN’s expense.

2013 My Kitchen Rules winnersThe numbers are in and Seven has won the 2013 ratings, for the seventh year in a row.

Seven topped the battle for Total People. It also won the most ratings weeks.

But Nine has again won the Demos, for the second year running. Nine has also closed the gap with Seven in Total People, compared to 2012.

But the real story is ABC snatching third place from TEN in Total People.

TEN has dropped in all its Demos. Almost without exception, everybody’s Demos went up at TEN’s expense.

Weeks 7-48
6pm – midnight
Excludes Easter
Consolidated date Wks 7-47

TOTAL PEOPLE (2012 numbers in brackets excl Olympics)
Seven: 30.7 (31.0)
Nine: 28.8 (27.6)
ABC: 18.0 (17.0)
TEN: 17.0 (18.9)
SBS: 5.5 (5.5)

Nine: 31.9 (30.6)
Seven: 30.4 (30.1)
TEN: 20.4 (22.9)
ABC: 12.4 (11.7)
SBS: 4.8 (4.7)

Nine: 32.5 (31.2)
Seven: 30.4 (30.2)
TEN: 21.2 (23.9)
ABC: 11.3 (10.5)
SBS: 4.6 (4.3)

Nine: 33.4 (31.7)
Seven: 30.1 (30.2)
TEN: 22.1 (24.9)
ABC: 10.2 (9.4)
SBS: 4.2 (3.8)

Seven: 22.9 (23.4)
Nine: 21.0 (21.0)
ABC1: 13.4 (12.8)
TEN: 11.8 (13.2)
SBS ONE: 4.5 (4.6)

GO!: 4.3 (3.9)
7TWO: 4.1 (4.3)
7mate: 3.7 (3.4)
GEM: 3.5 (2.7)
ELEVEN: 3.0 (3.2)
ABC2: 2.7 (2.6)
ONE: 2.3 (2.5)
ABC NEWS 24: 1.1 (0.8)
SBS 2: 0.8 (0.9)
ABC3: 0.7 (0.8)
NITV: 0.1 (N/A)

1. My Kitchen Rules-Winner Announced Seven 3,270,000
2. The Block Sky High -Winner Announced Nine 3,160,000
3. Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Hawthorn vs Fremantle Seven 2,718,000
4. The Block Sky High -Auctions Nine 2,663,000
5. State of Origin Rugby League NSW vs Qld 3rd – Match Nine 2,607,000
6. Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Presentations Seven 2,471,000
7. State of Origin Rugby League NSW vs Qld 1st – Match Nine 2,458,000
8. The X Factor Grand Final-Winner Announced Seven 2,404,000
9. The Voice Grand Final -Winner Announced Nine 2,380,000
10. The X Factor Grand Final Seven 2,290,000
11. My Kitchen Rules-Grand Final Seven 2,256,000
12. State of Origin Rugby League Qld vs NSW 2nd – Match Nine 2,255,000
13. Rugby League Grand Final Nine 2,246,000
14. The Block: All Stars -Winner Announced Nine 2,211,000
15. The Block Sky High -Grand Final Nine 2,184,000
16. The 2013 Melbourne Cup Carnival: Melbourne Cup-The Race Seven 2,124,000
17. The Voice -Wed Nine 2,121,000
18. The Voice Grand Final Nine 2,093,000
19. The X Factor Grand Final Performance Seven 2,078,000
20. The Block: All Stars -Auction Nine 2,075,000

ABC’s highest rating show of the year was the Fleet Review Spectacular at 1.47m
TEN’s highest rating show of the year was The Biggest Loser: The Winner Announced at 1.27m
SBS’s highest rating show of the year was FIFA WCQ: Aus v Iran at 1.16m

Seven’s Director of Programming, Angus Ross said: “Seven’s depth and consistency of programming has resulted in a seventh year of being number one and record shares in 16-39s, 18-49s and 25-54s.

“We’re immensely proud of having Australia’s number one television event – My Kitchen Rules, the number one talent show event The X Factor, the number one Australian drama A Place to Call Home and the number one new drama The Blacklist. The successful launch of House Rules this year combined with our growing tent poles My Kitchen Rules and X Factor puts us in an even stronger position for 2014,” Mr Ross said.

Commenting, CEO of Seven West Media, Tim Worner, said: “It’s another year where our guys in television have absolutely nailed the strategy. Seven has met the twin aims of not only having the biggest number of big programs but also having them spread across the year. It’s that mantra of depth and consistency, that’s what our advertising partners tell us they want and that’s what we will keep on delivering them.

“Sure we’re number one again, but it’s the way we’re doing it and the way we’re going to keep doing it that is the key. This time of the year we always hear how this network is leading in that and this other network is leading in this. No asterisks on our performance. The fact is there is only one number one network in Australia. And that is Seven.”

Michael Healy, Director of Television with the Nine Network said: “2013 has been an extraordinary year for The Nine Network. With the most dynamic and exciting programming lineup we have delivered wins across all key demographics under 65, posting strong audience gains year on year. This is a testament to our on air talent, management team and staff. We move into 2014 with a jam-packed slate featuring Australia’s most popular programs underpinned by Australia’s number one news and public affairs brands.”

Darren Wick, Director of News and Current Affairs with the Nine Network said: “Channel Nine is an awesome news and current affairs machine to watch in action and I’m privileged to have a ringside seat. I’m incredibly proud of our people and personally thrilled at the level of success they have achieved. Every news team, every program at Nine, houses a unique set of characters – but every single person here has a commitment to the team they work with, and a dedication to our audiences to provide stories, segments, interviews and interesting moments that are always relevant, engaging and informative. On these points, we are unwavering. We have worked hard to win back the trust of our audiences. We are determined to never take that for granted.”

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “In mid-2013 we re-set TEN to focus on the key audience demographic of 25 to 54s. So far we are pleased with the growth we have seen in our new target audience.

“We will continue to focus on building this growth into 2014 and delivering on our promise to bring audiences premium content across all platforms,” she said.

“We are very excited about our summer line-up on TEN, including the KFC T20 Big Bash League which kicks off on December 20 and will be shown live, in prime time and on free-to air television for the first time.

“The KFC T20 Big Bash League leads straight into the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, and then our full program schedule for the first part of 2014 starts to roll out, including The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia, So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Puberty Blues and Secrets & Lies.”

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  1. Looking at that top 20 list, I despair! Not a single drama, comedy or documentary. I despair not so much for the future of FTA TV but for their audiences who are fed a mush of cheap, culturally vacuous, exploitative, voyeuristic ‘reality’ shows. Where will this race to the bottom and the dumbing down of Australian TV viewers end?

  2. i know its not their primary earner but 11 has been re running the same shows since they started. I like my retro tv but its the same ones over & over, the Brady Bunch/Happy Days are looking a bit dated if they are aiming it at the youth market.

  3. Lol what is ten talking about seeing growth in 25-54 share? Like others said it actually went down.
    I don’t know why on earth that would be their new focus group because this group spend more apparently but are they remembering 16-39 yr olds are the ones buying the majority of products like electricals, their first cars first houses and so on, so really they need to focus on 16-54

  4. Jason- 20 Dec to 7 Feb is 7 weeks. I actually think the BBL will be a roaring success for 10. For some rounds all players will be available and otherwise all but the test team. Some overseas players too. It drew solid crowds and tv audiences last year and I can only see it growing. Mel McLaughlin as presenter is a massive signing as is Viv Richards.
    The big question is whether or not the cross promotion of 2014 programs will cut through like it has done for ch7 during their tennis coverage.

  5. Interesting to see Healy mention to ‘under 65’s’ when the usual figure for younger demos is under 55s. 7 have indicated they might be shifting their target to 40-65, the most profitable and demanded advertising demo, but this could be a hint that 9 is planning to do the same.

  6. No scripted TV shows in the Top 20, very interesting. The reality show ascendancy continues unabated. Congratulations to Seven, amazing performance.

  7. Ten doesn’t care if the ABC beats them with over 55s and kids.

    What they care about is share of ad revenue, which has fallen from 30% in their heyday to under 20%. Ten has around twice the viewers between 16- 55 that the ABC has, which is where most of the revenue comes from.

    The network has got is share of viewer to over 20% there. What they need is large audiences watching shows live on the main channel that advertisers will pay a premium for.

  8. Surprised that SBS2 has actually gone backwards even with its revamp. Mind you, at that level, the margin for error has got to be pretty significant.

  9. “In mid-2013 we re-set TEN to focus on…25 to 54s. So far we are pleased with the growth we have seen in our new target audience.”
    Don’t know what song sheet she’s singing from but isn’t 20.4 (22.9) a drop? Meanwhile everyone else increased?
    Congrats to ABC1, the only Primary to increase in Total Ppl.
    The T20 BBL which stretches across 3 mths, with players most have never heard of, won’t be the hit (pun intended) TEN hopes for.

  10. Terrible effort Ten, they need a massive rethink, everything went down even their multi’s whilst everyone went up or at least stayed steady – time for a big well thoughout clean out and re think

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