ABC’s Sarah Ferguson to host 7:30

19sfFour Corners reporter Sarah Ferguson will take over as the host of ABC1’s 7.30 in 2014 while Leigh Sales is on maternity leave.

The Gold Walkley winner will temporarily leave her role at Four Corners, to assume the role in February.

ABC Director of News, Kate Torney, says “We are very much looking forward to Sarah bringing her skills to the 7.30 presenting role, working with Executive Producer Sally Neighbour and the rest of the 7.30 team.”

“It’s been a great year for 7.30,” says Torney. “The program brought home another Walkley for Caro Meldrum-Hanna’s exclusive interview with Stephen Danks and her ground-breaking reporting on the sports drugs scandal. That was just one of a number of big stories broken by the program. Its key interviews and extensive coverage of policy and politics in an election year saw its ratings continue to rise, and I look forward to the program’s ongoing success in 2014. “

Sales will be on maternity leave from February and Ferguson’s first night in the chair will be February 10th.


  1. Whatever happened to a male hosting a current affairs show in Australia? Are male hosts a dying breed?
    Where are the new generation Ray Martin, Bill Peach or Michael Willesee?

  2. I like Sarah Ferguson. Of course my main problem with the show is they like to screw over the end of the 8pm show afterwards. Both before the credits and sometimes the credits themselves. It makes me want to never watch the 8pm shows. So if I don’t watch the 8pm programme then I rarely watch the 7.30pm show either.

    Also recently they also like to play random computer writing on the repeat on ABC News 24. So I don’t want to watch there either. I guess supposedly anything goes and people couldn’t possibly not want to watch stuff based on poor treatment of the programming as well as the viewers. That kind of thinking is a disaster and completely wrong in my case. It’s annoying as I’d really like to watch them more. They do have excellent stories to report on. Very frustrating.

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